HelloEOS: What We Have Contributed to the EOS Community

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Dear EOS community members,

Hello! We are HelloEOS. 

Our team is one of the earliest to actively promote EOS in China. Ever since the translation work of EOS Whitepaper, HelloEOS has been spreading concepts and techniques of EOSIO, which attracted many people and gradually formed the earliest Chinese community of EOS enthusiasts. 

Unlike other operating-oriented teams, we are dedicated to promoting EOS to the greater mass. Thus, we focused more on the needs of communities and the education of general users.

I. The Earliest Chinese Team to Promote EOS

Core members of HelloEOS are huge fans of Daniel Larimer. We translated the EOS whitepaper into Chinese and cooperated with other community members to publish a series of EOS related articles, such as “A Brief Reading Guide for EOS.IO Whitepaper” and “The Most Authoritative Reading Guide for EOS”, which were the most worth-reading EOS related reading materials in China.

Zicen, founder of HelloEOS, launched the earliest EOS campaign in China between November 2017 to March 2018, a Blockchain Popular Science Tour. Being held every two weeks in the major cities nationwide, the meetup activities were unprecedented welcomed and reported by many mainstream media, which had been the main stage for EOS at that time. 

Being committee members of BitShares and co-founder of YOYOW, Zicen is a well-known KOL in domestic blockchain industries. So far, the personal weibo of Zicen had published more than 2,000 posts about EOS, each gained more than 10,000 views. Specifically, one of his recent post had reached 450,000 views. 

In the meantime, Zicen pushed forward biask.com (a platform based on YOYOW where users ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers, you can see it as the Quora in Chinese blockchain community) to emphasize its topics more on EOS.

The Hello Team has known for the strength of the community well since the build of HelloBTS community, whose members were over 200,000 individuals. In March 2018, we formally announced the EOS Block Producer Candidacy, and introduced the HelloEOS brand. Since then, we have utilized our advantages on community building, continuously providing the Chinese community the latest trending news of EOS and introducing the most excellent project teams within EOS ecosystem. 

For now, we have several columns including HelloMedia, HelloTalk, HelloDaily, HelloNews, and HelloEDU, covering aspects of latest information, community interactions, project reports, master interviews, education courses, etc.  

With mainstream media platforms such as WeChat subscriptions, WeChat groups, Knowledge Planet, Weibo, Bihu, Biask, Huobi Pool, EOS LIVE, Jianshu, 8btc, and many third-party blockchain websites, we keep updating EOS related contents, which had added up to 2295 original articles and videos and gained more than 5,000,000 online readings. 

Among them, HelloMedia, had published 9 episodes of video series – “Oversea BPs in China”. And during the “Hello EOS, Hello Friends - Blockchain National Roadshow”, HelloMedia introduced many EOS Block Producers along with their projects to the Chinese community through interviews and promotional films.

Weeks ago, HelloMedia rebranded as an independent video media and run its new program – “EOS Reviews”. By means of recording personal experiences while using the product in EOS ecosystem such as wallets, block explorers, tools, and dApps, the functions and characteristics of each product was demonstrated vividly and entirely. So far, these video reviews had accumulated over 50,000 views within one month.

II. The Non-stop Heat: HelloEOS, Hello Friends

From August to October 2018, HelloEOS hosted the first round of blockchain national roadshow themed “Hello EOS, Hello Friends”, the slogan of which was Open, Communication and Cooperation. We are dedicated to bringing more chemical reactions among our ecosystem partners and showing the society a real, passionate, energetic EOS community.  

During the tour, the whole HelloEOS team worked with extensive hours. Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xiamen, and Nanjing, we travelled 7 major cities in China over 7 weeks.

We invited partners who plays distinct roles in the EOS ecosystem - Block Producers, developers, exchanges, wallets, media, so they could demonstrate their works and share the visions about the blockchain industry.

There were in total 40 ecosystem partners participated in the national tour, including some from overseas: Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Starteos, EOS Asia, IMEOS, imToken, Chaince, EOSPark, PDJedu, Antpool, SuperONE, SheLeaders, Cocos, EOS Store, Bitpie, Cobo, bcpress, Ning's Talk on Blockchain, ADD, EOSeco, RenrenToken, LBank, WhaleExchange, Andromeda, eosraychains, eostoken, ZB EOS, StarupGrind, EOShenzhen, EOSUnion, EOS Pacific, EOS BIXIN, FIBOS, Everipedia Chinese community, EOSpace, eostoken, ZB EOS, Meitu BlockChain, EOS NATION, JEDA, EOS NodeOne.  The discussed topics involved technical concepts, ecosystem building, DApp development, governance, and wallet security. Each team also shared what they were working for the ecosystem and their approaches of solving different issues.  

With the strength of the community, our events achieved a remarkable success. There were more than 1,500 community members attended the events, 100,000 of online interactive activities. The events eventually covered 1,220,000 people online and offline.  

Dozens of ecosystem projects first time revealed themselves in front of the public. Hundreds of investors and token holders had a much deeper understanding about blockchain by participating in our events, which also made them became active members of the community thereafter.  

HelloEOS was the first one who hosted this kind of series events since the Mainnet launch. It was also the first national events in Chinese EOS community with the widest coverage, the longest lasting, and the most comprehensive community partners.   

As the tour continued, Zicen, the founder of HelloEOS, shared the latest achievements from EOS.IO in each meetup, and a growing number of positive discussions thus spread out to the whole Chinese community. By participating our meetups, community members from different sectors gradually gathered together. We showed the public a prosper and energetic EOS community, and brought more technical and monetary strength to join the ecosystem. 

III. Not Letting A Single Chance of Promoting EOS Slip Away

In addition to our own base camp, Zicen paid almost all of his spare time to attending conferences and meetups in blockchain industry to promote EOS, bringing in fresh blood to the EOS community and its ecosystem. Rarely do people do things like this mad man.  

Here we have a list of activities Zicen went on during this year (and this is not the complete version):

1. March 24, HelloEOS blockchain promotion campaign in Hangzhou, Zicen, founder of HelloEOS, formally announced the EOS Block Producer Candidacy, and introduced the HelloEOS brand.

2. April 6 and 7, meet-ups of EOS Cannon and EOS Gravity in Hong Kong.

3. April 15, HelloEOS blockchain promotion campaign in Zhengzhou.

4. April 21, EOS.BIXIN Beijing Meetup.

5. April 25, EOS.Cybex Shanghai Meetup.

6. April 28, Global blockchain Summit Spring 2018 in Shanghai.

7. May 6, 2018 Global Graphene Blockchain Developer Conference in Shanghai.

8. June 13, Bitpie Chongqing Meetup.

9.July 12, China Internet Conference 2018 in Beijing.

10.July 29, Hybrid Summit 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. Zicen as an speaker shared about the EOS ecosystem and Graphene technical infrastructure with thousands of blockchain industry participants.

11.August 10, Zicen was invited by the Division of Network Security of Chongqing Public Security Bureau to an internal information sharing meeting themed on blockchain technology. He introduced the exploration and breakthrough of how Graphene-based blockchain technology is applied to high-performance public chain at the bottom level, as well as a typical representative of Blockchain 3.0 - EOS.

12.October 15, DApp Developers Meetup in Shanghai. 

13.November 10, DApp developers conference 2018 in Beijing.

14.November 24, BB NEWS Meetup in Hangzhou.

15.& 16. November 28, Central China Blockchain Summit in Zhengzhou.

17.December 1, DApp Ecological Development Summit in Beijing.

18.December 17, Global Blockchain Developer Conference in Hong Kong.

IV. Concentrating on Security

HelloEOS managed to bring SlowMist, the top-level blockchain security team, into the EOS ecosystem, and conducted in-depth cooperation within extensive areas. 

i. BP Nodes Security Checklist

Before the mainnet launch, we connected with top security teams including Qihoo 360 and SlowMist, took the lead and created a group for all the teams involved in this big thing to communicate directly. Together we completed the BP nodes security checklist, provided node security architecture guidance, security auditing and attack & defence rehearsal.

SlowMist published the BP Nodes Security Checklist and HelloEOS is listed first place on the contributors. See: https://github.com/slowmist/eos-bp-nodes-security-checklist/blob/master/README-en.md

ii. EOS MonKit — Gain Insight into Everything about EOS Contract

HelloEOS collaborated closely with SlowMist upon this project, sharing security intelligence and offering safety audit services. HelloEOS is listed as ecological partners of EOS MonKit: https://eos.slowmist.io .

iii. FireWall.X — Powerful FireWall for EOS Contract

HelloEOS will continue to collaborate with SlowMist to identify hackers’ accounts and list them in documentaries to prevent others from their attacks, guaranteeing the security of smart contracts.

FirewallX.io has just released its beta version, multi-language support and its partners will be available and revealed sooner.

In consideration of the contributions we made, the SlowMist Team decided to give HelloEOS 1024 SLOWMIST Token as an reward, which was kind of an exception, as SLOWMIST is designed to be a prize for security geeks.

HelloEOS may not be a team with considerable security background, but we respect and think highly of technology and security intelligence. It is our faith that encourages us to continuously bring developers into the ecosystem of EOS, and yes, we nailed it.

Block Producer Account Name: helloeoscnbp

Location: China

HelloEOS Community


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