Is Eos Mainnet truly decentralised? Statistics - World Map - June 2018

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EOS Mainnet is officially live after receiving the 15% of votes needed to launch the network.
21 Block Producers has been voted in by Eos Community.

How are we doing?

21 Eos Block Producers - Mainnet Launch - June 2018 - World Map.jpg

Eos Block Producers are distributed predominantly in the Northern Hemisphere - 86% (land area 68%) relative to the Southern Hemisphere - 14% (land area 32%) as divided by the equator.

Eos Block Producers divided by hemispheres.jpg

Asia clearly dominates with 10 Block Producers allocated there. North America, Europe and South America achieved decent distribution. Africa and Australia are left behind.

Number of Eos Block Producers By Continent - Mainnet Laumch - June 2018.jpg

To make Eos truly decentralised, autonomous platform, the 21 Block Producers should be distributed evenly around the World. This kind of approach will provide better protection from natural or political disasters to the Eos network.

No more than 1 Block Producer per Country and no more than 5 Block Producers per Continent would make the Eos Mainnet truly decentralised.

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Is Eos Mainnet truly decentralised? What are your thoughts? Please, leave a comment below.

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Primary source of research: Cryptolions BP - EOS Network Monitor


Very interesting data on EOS BP distribution

Hi, thanks for providing these infos. Keep up the good work.
I dont believe a north/south split is necessary, because like 90% of people live in the northern hemisphere. Having said that, it's a real pity that Africa and Australia aren't present in the 21 BPs, and there are so many bps in Eastern Asia. But overall i feel its somehow ok, it could definitely be worse.

The success of this model is dependent on the availability or operational sustainability of the backup/standby block producers. A higher number of primary block produces may help put the smaller ones on the map to and spread the load across more nodes that are better dispersed globally.