First EOS Arbitration Order

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First ECAF order has been approved

A historic day as the first ECAF order had been approved, witnessed, and issued


This is a historic event

This may be the first time a governance system and essentially a "rule of law" has been used in the blockchain space. The elected block producers will be required to follow the emergency measures provided by the order. In a world filled with fraud, key theft, and scams, it is exciting to see that this is a blockchain that can provide safety and security to the participants rather than the bitcoin and ethereum philosophy of "too bad".

About ECAF

EOSIO is a governed blockchain that allows free entry to a rules based environment. The existence of arbitration is a core value proposition of the EOSIO software and requires an independent Arbitration Forum to deal with disputes that may arise between parties operating on the blockchain.


  • Is an Arbitration Forum for and by the EOS Community
  • Comprises of carefully vetted, independent Arbitrators. Our Arbitrators are specially trained to consider the special context of arbitration of blockchain disputes.
  • Is based on arbitration rules that are globally applicable and have been developed by combining the latest thinking on blockchain dispute resolution, as well as best practices from international arbitral forums.

You can find more information, or even register and submit claims at ECAF

About Us

GenerEOS is a social enterprise block producing candidate with a mission of promoting and supporting scalable and highly reliable block production whilst giving back block rewards to charities.

Based out of Sydney, Australia, GenerEOS is founded by a team of like minded blockchain enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds and a passion to make a difference in the world and fostering the spirit of generosity by giving back.

GenerEOS: Helping EOS Change the World

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As the owner of one of the 7 accounts in that list I am delighted to report I am brimming over with joy that this occurred as this effectively rescues my funds from being able to be stolen by the thief currently in possession of my real private keys!!!

And now 8 days later here we are! Congratulations on all those who have successfully saved their accounts! And I thank everyone involved in the process, Sam the case manager, Moti, Eos Go, Eos 42, everybody, I thank you all.

Today we set precedent and in my opinion this order marks the real beginning of EOS.

lets make a thief get nothing, bravo EOS

I wonder how many of those complaining would think like you if they were​ impacted.

Who decided to give you such power? I certainly was not asked to vote on this.

It's not a unilateral power, it's a process that can either be respected or ignored by block producers.

leaving BPs to make decisions, what could possibly go wrong? next you hear is they censor accounts...

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Then they are voted out, you're selectively interpreting information and seemingly ignoring the economics of DPoS

People are really ignoring the power that token holders has. They are the one electing BP's. So in the long run, their interest will be protected. It's all about TRUST. U will not use a system if you don't trust it. I think BPs acted promptly to secure members properties, which is define some how in the constitution. It's really new in the industry and we should discuss and contribute to make it better.

Agreeing with you @ash. The EOS blockchain is going to allow great things, but freedom isn't necessarily one of them.

I wonder how long it will take until the bad guys figure out that stealing EOS is a really dumb idea? EOS just became the safest crypto on the planet to park your money in. Let that sink in for minute.

What applications are you looking forward to seeing under Eos?

Dan Larimer says he is going to make a "Steemit 2.0" :D

The Chintai dApp for sure

This is fanastic news. I'm pretty happy with this decision from our 21 elected BP's! This is reasons why voting is important, if we elect BP's that are immoral, we wont have historical events like this.

EOS New York, GrayMass, LiquidEOS, Cypherglass, EOS Go, EOS 42 have all proven there morality lately.

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a good move