Why vote for franceos as an EOS block producer ?

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franceos : a block producer candidate

We are the first and only french block producer candidate campaigning for a block production position on the EOS blockchain.

Our team is composed of 8 members deeply involved in cryptoeconomics and defending to the core principles of free market.

We are following DPoS projects since their creation. BitShares, Steemit, and now EOS, we always wanted to experiment a new blockchain paradigm where social consensus can be included on top of the blockchain.

We believe geographical decentralization is very important for censorship resistance. Thus, it was logical for us to propose our candidacy for EOS block production while representing France on the delegates list. Our primary dedicated servers are hosted by OVH, a leading independent hosting company which has always proved his commitment to a free and censorship-resistant Internet, independent from GAFA. The location is strategic, and our technical team (ADAPP) has maintained securized blockchain nodes for years.

Furthermore, our servers are set up for monitoring using last metrics technologies, alerting, on call team 24/7. We have a strong anti-DDoS protection as well as a resilient load balancing. Our servers are always up to date security-wise, and we upgrade nodeos with blue-green deployment. In term of EOS tools development, several development teams are already using our testnet and mainnet API on a daily basis. We are working on our own solution to analyse latency of the network and providing a website to be informed in real time. Finally, as level 3 backup server, we are planning to install bare metal servers in Switzerland, close to France, in case of changes in jurisdiction.

If we can become part of the BPs, we will invest back in our infrastructure to maintain a node that can scale up, in DApps development and in global EOS community.

franceos team’s profiles are displayed on our homepage and on our Steemit announcement. More than a simple presentation of our team, values, mission, vision, technical infrastructure and code of conduct, our website has also a blog section that will be growing with quality content for EOS members.

Numerous block producers have a very good infrastructure (even if for some of them there is no way to prove it), but our added value to EOS community as a whole lies in our leading position in the french crypto-enthusiastic community. We run the main french crypto-related news website, an analysis website, a training center and we are involved with many companies to develop cryptoeconomics systems. Currently, many DApps developers are focused on Ethereum, our goal is to make them switch to EOS while bringing new developers into EOS ecosystem, through pedagogical articles and courses, as well as EOS events (conferences, hackathons…)

We strongly believe that knowledge grows when you share it and we apply this principle to EOS with the french-speaking community.

Therefore, we are campaigning for your support to help us having better chances to reach a BP position. While maintaining a robust infrastructure to support critical operations and DApps, this will allow us to reach french speaking community and launch technical developments in many areas of EOS, as well as organize events in our country. French-speaking crypto-enthusiastics are not aware of EOS capabilities, and developers aren’t incentivized to focus on this platform without our support.

To sum up : why vote for franceos as a block producer ?

  • franceos will defend token holder's interests through principles of free market, private property and free consent ;
  • franceos has a secure and resilient infrastructure ;
  • franceos is commited to deliver quality content for EOS members ;
  • franceos will invest in tools, DApps development and EOS events ;
  • franceos is implanted in a sustainable way in the French-speaking cryptoeconomics ecosystem.
Vote for us and help us grow !

franceos team


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