Does EOS tell you anything?

in eos •  5 months ago

I need to enquire the community on something that I have been eating through... for several years already!

That is EOS! Yes...

No... it's not sorbet soap... but apparently, someone already tried the EOS word... to make a buck!

The point here... is, how well did you known about EOS and if this post really makes you feel that you should spend some extra time looking for more information.

I am saying this because I am currently an owner of EOS and I ask in particular anyone who owns, what is your idea of the future of EOS? What's the purpose of all of this?

  1. Pump and dump?
  2. Long-term investment?
  3. The hidden info you wish to follow?
  4. Just amazing stuff!
  5. I don't care... but I like it!

I will be voting everyone selecting an option... I Know its not much... but it is still my 100% voting for all of the selections.
And by the end, I will make another post with the results and some other reflections.

So please standby... and share the question, if you care.

UPDATE: I am donating the TINY (probably) profits of this post, to @t-r-f! =)

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Just amazing stuff!


Amazing stuff is winning! LOL


haha, this poll might not be representative yet....


And probably will never be... I am guessing. Either way, for now, it's just amazing stuff.

I agree with the poll!

My option is clearly the number 4! Just amazing stuff!

About the name "EOS"
"No... it's not sorbet soap... but apparently someone already tried the EOS word... to make a buck!"

EOS is a very ancient word, in the Greek mythology, EOS is the Goddess of the Dawn (here as described on everipedia) :

.... The dawn goddess Eos was almost always described with rosy fingers (ῥοδοδάκτυλος, rhododáktylos) or rosy forearms (ῥοδόπηχυς, rhodópēkhys) as she opened the gates of heaven for the Sun to rise......

..... Thus Eos, preceded by the Morning Star, is seen as the genetrix of all the stars and planets; her tears are considered to have created the morning dew, personified as Ersa or Herse.{Ovid, Metamorphoses 13.621-2} Eos is the daughter of Hyperion, a bringer of light, the One Above, Who Travels High Above the Earth and of Theia, The Divine. Her brother was the Sun god Helios, and her sister was Selene, the Moon goddess. Her team of horses pull her chariot across the sky and are named in the Odyssey as Firebright and Daybright.

She was the Mother of several notable offspring, including the Winds, Zephyrus, Boreas, and Notus, and the Morning Star, Eosphoros, all of whom she bore to the Titan Astraeus ("of the Stars"), and Memnon, her son by Tithonus.

This rosy-fingered, saffron-robed and golden-throned goddess, who goes up to Olympus to announce the light to the immortals, fell in love several times, and a few say it was Aphrodite who cursed her to be perpetually in love, because once had Eos lain with Aphrodite's sweetheart Ares, god of war......

Here is the EOS name's orgigin:

Have a nice weekend,




Thanks for stopping by for the word of wisdom =). I am driving in, into this "new" EOS thing. Let's see how well I do on it.

Always learning! Did not know most of that, so, clearly need to instruct myself a bit more about social culture. Heheh.... So Lame excuse... LOL

I am voting too... =)

My go, drops another amazing vote on 4! (3 votes so far!)

And upvoted myself to donate a bit more to a great cause, because probably I will not be able to go, to steemfest, but at least I can boost everyone to copy me on little gestures... like donating tiny funds to @t-r-f!

FUN stuff... Grammarly is just jealous...

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Most likely

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lol... very fast IO i can tell...

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