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RE: Exodus 1.63.0: Another Day, Another Dawn, Another EOS Wallet

in #eos3 years ago

Hey there, that's an excellent question! Advanced features such as staking, voting, and interacting with Dapps are not functions that are currently supported in Exodus. If you would prefer to fully stake your EOS, manage airdrops, or interact with Dapps, we would recommend using a wallet such as Scatter or EOS-Voter.


Aww, I would prefer to have Exodus as my main wallet. Will these EOS features eventually come to Exodus as the EOS blockchain matures? I could imagine it's too early to say for now

Hey Kitty! Sorry for the delay in my response.

I would agree that it is still a bit early for us to say whether or not this functionality will come in the future, but it is most certainly a topic of discussion at Exodus and on our whiteboard of potential future additions. =)

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