Evolution Airdrop - May 10th

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This guide will walk you through the process of participating in the Evolution Airdrop which will take place starting May 10th 2018 5:30pm UTC.

For those of you who are new, Evolution will be running on its own blockchain. Evolution aims to solve the issues taking place in EOS with large ownership stakes by Exchanges and Block Producers as previously discussed.

Why an Airdrop?

Evolution will not be holding an ICO. Evolution is based on the DPOS consensus proposed by EOS and will honor the community by airdropping tokens. The aim is to disperse tokens evenly across the EOS community.

What do I need in order to participate?

To allow for an equal distribution between early and late adopters of EOS we’ll be providing two EOS airdrops, the Initial Airdrop and the Scale Airdrop. For the Initial Airdrop taking place on May 10th you will need to have your EOS Tokens properly Registered through EOS.io and stored on an Ethereum compatible wallet in order receive your tokens. If you have at least 25 EOS Tokens in an EOS Registered wallet for which you control the private key (for example a Hardware Wallet, MyEtherWallet, Metamask, etc) then you will automatically receive your Evolution Tokens, there is nothing else you need to do. DO NOT use an exchange wallet.

For Wallets Registered AFTER May 4th 0 UTC the Wallet Verification requirements: A minimum of: 25 EOS and a minimum of: 0.025 ETH
*ONLY for new registrations

There are no other rules to know or adhere to for the Initial Airdrop. We will never ask for your private keys or ask you to send us any funds. Please be careful and reach out to us if you have any questions at all. For questions t.me/EvolutionOS


There will be a total supply of 5,000,000,000 Evolution Tokens. 4.5 Billion tokens will be airdropped over the coming months to the EOS community. This is your chance for public participation. Additional allotments will be airdropped to developers, arbitrators, and community participants after the blockchain launches. You can find the full breakdown of Evolution Token allocation here





I assume that "register" means that the register() function in the eos crowdsale contract has been called by the account that holds the EOS ERC20 tokens, and that a public key has been stored in the crowdsale contract.

I'm sure you're aware of this, but you should encourage people to update their PK with EOS.io (re-register a key pair) after your airdrop for security reasons.

why re-register after airdrop biophil?

If you don't re-register, the same private key will be used to claim both the Evolution (EVO) and the EOS tokens. Right now a conservative person might worry that Evolution is trying to steal the private keys that will claim peoples' EOS stake. They could do this by creating software that has you enter your private key to claim your EVO tokens, and then using that private key themselves to take control of your real EOS account.

If they publicly encourage people to change their keys after the Evolution airdrop date, that gives us more reason to trust that they're not just trying to steal EOS keys.

If they were actually scammers (note, I have no idea if they're legit or not, but with security always assume the worst), we might expect them to go out of their way not to educate people about the risks.

We will never ask for your private keys and the registration for Evolution is through EOS.io which operates the initial sale of EOS tokens. Again, we are not asking anyone for private information. This is all done through EOS.io the official developer of EOS.

Forgive my cynicism, and thanks for replying.

I'm talking about later, once the EVO and EOS chains are operational, not now as people are registering keypairs for the airdrop. Once the Evolutionos chain is running, how will people claim their EVO tokens? Their private key will have to interact with your software in some way. If they haven't updated their EOS keys after May 10th, they'll be in the insecure position of having a single key control balances on both EOS and EVO. It would be fairly easy for you to steal peoples' valuable EOS private keys when they claim their EVO balances.

By telling people to change their EOS keys before claiming their EVO mainnet stakes, you have the opportunity to publicly increase your credibility -- as this isn't something a thief would do.

Evolution is a separate chain and will have no relation to any EOS key pairs. The airdrop to registered users was just one of the many ways to verify that the airdrop was being sent to core contributors and non-exchange owners of the EOS token. The EVO token will be distributed as an ERC-20 token and the swap to a native EVO token on the Evolution blockchain will have no correlation to the EOS blockchain. This is an adaptation of EOS and not a connected chain. The public wallet ID ( EOSxxxx) is also not being used for anything. Registration was only a means to identify airdrop participants. To receive the EVO native token we'll establish some guidelines in the months ahead on how to interact with the Evolution blockchain. Which, again, is not interconnected with the EOS chain or it's users private keys.

Hopefully this gave your more clarity around your question.

The EVO token will be distributed as an ERC-20 token

Excellent, I had missed this. That satisfies my concerns. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Interesting point. This would be like moving your BTC after every BTC fork coin (bitcoin cash, bitcoin gold, bitcoin private, etc). Personally, that may be overkill. If you're concerned, you can always move your EOS before doing anything for a fork or airdrop (I covered this 9 months ago here). But you're right, if there are multiple drops, you'll endanger something (even if you move your EOS) unless you create new EOS addresses each time.

That said, I'd never EVER participate in something that required a private key. There are many other ways to do this including signed messages.

Unlike eosDAC the Evolution tokens will never be converted over to the EOS blockchain. Evolution is not a hard fork since EOS is not a fully launched blockchain.

The EVO token will be distributed as an ERC-20 token and the swap to a native EVO token on the Evolution blockchain will have no correlation to the EOS blockchain nor the private keys on the future EOS blockchain.

Way back in the early bitshares days with PTS and such, I got into the habit of changing my keys after every snapshot, and if I ever claim my balances of the Bitcoin forks I'll do the same. As long as you have good key management, it seems like good security practice. I do not like the idea of a single key controlling balances on two chains.

That said, I'd never EVER participate in something that required a private key. There are many other ways to do this including signed messages.

This is why I've still never claimed my peerplays-bitshares airdrop -- the official way to claim is to enter your BTS owner key in the peerplays client. Utter madness!

Very good point! not only for this airdrop but for the others doing similar approach.

When eos is live will moving my eos tokens to a new private key before claiming any air drops work just as well?

Yes, that would be fine.

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience, after years I logged into my wallet with Ledger and I remembered that I have thousands of EVO tokens, I'm trying to understand what I should have done and what I can do now to recover something, could you help me? thank you

Thanks to point this out!
I was not aware at all of this mechanism and you're right, post must be updated with this security indication.

I did not get eos evolution token yet in my ether wallet why ...?

i had my eos in my ether wallet and have registered

Maybe you should ask the evolution team.

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Ok, sounds interesting. So how many tokens will we get per EOS token or are you paying a set amount per account? If so, is it worth splitting any amount over 25 EOS over multiple accounts?

Interesting, allow me a few questions: holdings below 25 eos and holdings on exchanges will not receive the airdrops, or will they? Will you drop an erc20 token which will need to be swapped, or will you already drop eos.io style tokens, for which no functioning wallets exist as of yet....

Exchanges won't be accepted. We will be airdropping an ERC-20 token (EVO) to compatible Ethereum wallets where you're the rightful owner of your keys. Wallets such as MEW, MetaMask, and Exodus will work!

I only had .004 ETH at the time of snap shot
More than 25 EOS
I put .025 after the snapshot
Will I get the airdrop?

From my understanding (and please do correct me if im wrong) you shouldnt need to actually store eth as gas $. I had my EOS in exodus and got the eosdac jsut fine. From my understanding for eos gas is only required for transfers... As said if someone can confirm that would be great.

That's right mate, you only need to have the address registered, no "gas" needed. Same situation as the EOSDac airdrop

Thank you so much for the clarification!

So how would I be able to check if the tokens actually arrived? I have my EOS in an exodus wallet. .

Awesome! EOS is gonna be fun this year. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the explanation. How many tokens will we receive?

The amount of tokens will be calculated based on the amount of wallets generate in the Snapshot on May 10th 2018 5:30pm UTC.

At this point in time there are 56,000 registrations that have qualified for the airdrop so we'll be watching carefully per hour to ensure it's being calculated properly.

So for the airdrop you must have a registered EOS wallet, then make sure your EOS is in that wallet? Correct?

My MEW eos wallet is registered. I use the Exodus desktop wallet that is tied to my MEW. I also received the eosDAC airdrop with no issues.
Thank you very much,

Apart from community participation, Would there be something else for people who have lesser than 25 eos in the future? What is the ratio for sharedrop? 1eos = 1evolution token?

Hi, please join us on Telegram. We're discussing this specific topic to see how everyone can be involved in the Evolution. This airdrop will be deployed evenly to all participants.

Link please? Or can I get it on your twitter handle?

Very interesting. Great job!

Will Exodus wallet work ok for your airdrop? I received eosdac without any issues. Thx.

eosDAC and now Evolution air drop strategy is the best. This strategy should be used all the time.

Yes sir! It's a great time to be an EOS holder.

Will Exodus wallet work ok for your airdrop? I received eosdac there with no issues. Thx.

Awesome. I've already registered on EOS.io and have a little eth. Excited to see what you guys build!

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