EOS RAM - Is this a red herring?

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Firstly I have to say that I am not fully conversant with the ebbs and flows of the EOS RAM economy. However I am a bit disappointed that suddenly due to speculation, RAM has become very expensive and in my view prohibitive to dApps entrants.

I spoke to a BP yesterday and he was quite nonplussed regarding the increasing RAM price and it's limitations on small dApp developers looking to run airdrops and deploy on the EOS network. In his mind, he felt that that particular hurdle will separate the serious developers from the jokers. Quite.

I disagree, mainly because history tells us that small budget developers have given us wonderful apps and tools - whatsapp, Google and GitHub etc. I strongly believe that excluding participants by virtue of costs of entry flies in the face of the ethos of EOS.

My understanding of a fee-less system was that transactions on the network would indeed be completely free. This being the main differentiating property from ETH gas etc. In my view the basis of the payments to BPs by means of inflation on the circulating volume was to cover costs of running and maintaining the system.

We token holders are collectively paying for the system by accepting an erosion of our holdings in the blockchain. I was not expecting any additional fees. It is my hope that the new constitution will solve this matter as the RAM speculation charter will eventually harm the network and the system.


I guess the whales make the rules... but those can't achieve karma, I mean the good one!
Thanks for your post! We all hope your voice will soon resound on BP not only because sound spread around faster in clear water.

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