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What a powerful token added up to the BitShares family!

Thank you so much for sharing all this information about it and wondering how to go about it if I were to buy some, either via fiat money or cryptos, any tips???

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)


If you want to buy EOS using Fiat money, the easiest way to do it would be through as your first step, here's how:

1 - Open a Coinbase account and link it to your debit or credit card (or alternatively, transfer USD, EUR or GBP to it)

2 - Buy BTC or ETH through your Coinbase account

3 - Send the BTC or ETH to an exchange such as to trade for EOS, or alternatively, use services such as or (if you prefer to stay away from exchanges)

4 - Once you buy your EOS tokens, make sure you send them to your wallet (this mainly applies if you're going to use an exchange) and DO NOT leave them on any exchange. Buy a hardware wallet such as, or Trezor is my favourite hardware wallet and it supports, which means you can store any ERC-20 token on it, including EOS.

5 - After you receive your EOS tokens into your wallet, make sure that you register them by mapping your PUBLIC Ethereum address to the EOS PUBLIC address. Here's an article which explains how this is done for the EXODUS wallet, just replace anything related to EXODUS with the wallet that you will be using:

Other helpful articles:

How to transfer EOS ERC20 tokens using MyEtherWallet:

How to update the EOS public key mapped/registered to your ETH Address with MyEtherWallet (MEW):

Wow! Thank you so very much, this is worth a full 100% upvote as it is worth an article in itself! Awesome answer, your teaching, time and dedication are highly appreciated. Namaste :)

Pleasure @eric-boucher

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I had bought EOS from the ICO Page using Metamask. On the ICO Page they have a register button and I did that. DO I need to register the Public Address again via the process mentioned above or do you think that is enough? Please let me know....thanks!

Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with Metamask. But here's how you'd check which public key is mapped to your ETH address with MyEtherWallet (MEW):

If you are waiting on a hardware wallet, can you transfer your EOS to your ETH wallet on JAXX??

I don't think JAXX currently support EOS tokens (

Before I received my cold/hardware wallet, I transferred my EOS tokens from the exchange to my EXODUS wallet which I downloaded and installed on my computer.

It's still risky, depending on how secure your computer is and whether it has malware or virus on it, especially if it's a Windows machine. Once you receive your hardware wallet, you can then send them to your new wallet's address directly from your EXODUS wallet.

You can find more info about the EXODUS wallet security here

I had no idea I even had to register my EOS tokens until I read this. Thanks for posting this info.

Goodmorning Thank you for sharing! Have a nice day

Thanks for the info! Question about No. 4: Why not leave EOS on an exchange?

Because exchanges are a primary target for hackers and get hacked all the time. When you leave a crypto currency on any centralised exchange, you technically don't own it, since you don't hold the private key to the wallet where it's stored, the exchange has it, and that's what hackers are after so they could move that crypto out and into their own wallets. And every now and then, they end up running away with "your" crypto. You're only safe (relatively speaking) if you (and only you) hold the private key to your wallet and no one else. That's why you need a cold/hardware wallet like Trezor, Ledger Wallet or KeepKey - there are other methods of course to hold your private keys but these are very secure and practical - anything else, is playing Russian roulette with your crypto.

This is very interesting. With Steemit, there is a built-in delay for withdrawal, which should serve as a safeguard of sorts.

Thanks for tips. However, I got question. Do I need to register tokens which I bought on exchange (Kraken) or exchange will do it on my behalf? Thanks

Here's what you always need to keep in mind when dealing with any crypto currency, including EOS. Whoever holds the private key of the wallet where the coins are stored owns those coins.

When you leave your crypto with an exchange, they basically own them and not you, since they hold the private keys and not you. That's why, you should never leave your crypto except on a cold/hardware wallet that only you have access to its private key.

Remember, tokens are never actually stored in any wallet as such, they live on the blockchain, that's the whole point. What lives in your wallet is the private key which can decrypt that wallet and allow those coins to be sent to another address on the blockchain. So your wallet actually holds a key and not the crypto themselves, as those reside on the blockchain.

So, to answer your question, yes, you need to move those EOS tokens from any exchange to a wallet of your choice which supports ERC-20 tokens. You can use (known as MEW) for this, but preferably buy a Trezor cold wallet so that you could unlock your MEW wallet safely with it, and that way, your private key for your MEW wallet would be safely stored on the Trezor device which is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to remotely hack (unlike a computer or a mobile device).

Once you move your EOS tokens to your MEW wallet, you need to map your wallet's Ethereum public address to your EOS public address as I explained in my original post. If after some time you decide to move your EOS tokens to another wallet, you'd then need to repeat the same process, otherwise they would be mapped to a wallet that no longer holds them, and you would therefore lose them when the ICO comes to an end.

Thanks @zedchamaa. Really appreciate your answer. I am moving my tokens to private wallet.

But don't you think that (except the secutity issues that you underline) as long as you can trade your EOS on the exchange at the main rate they are mapped on the public eos adress?

No they're not, you have to map your EOS tokens to your own public EOS address which gets randomly generated, otherwise, you won't be able to use the EOS tokens once the ICO has ended:

I had no idea I have to register my tokens. Thanks for your very clear and through response. @zedchamaa

You're welcome @carlosmertens - you only need to register them once unless you move them to another wallet, in that case you'd need to register them again (as the new wallet would have a different Ethereum public address to the one you were using).

As long as the Ethereum public address of the wallet you're using to store the EOS tokens is mapped to the EOS public address which you would have generated and for which you only hold the private key, then you should be fine once the ICO has ended.

So I need a Lawyer, an accountant, and a webmaster, in order to buy EOS? In other words I did not understand a word of what you typed. When are "Laymen", ordinary people going to be able to understand any of the crypto currency exchanging. It really does sound like one big brother, secret hand shake club. 5 steps to buy an invisible coin. Someone needs to make it easier.

I agree with you that the crypto currency space is currently still very technical because the blockchain technology is still at its infancy and is therefore mainly driven by developers and highly technical people. More work needs to be done to make it mainstream. This is happening, but it takes time.

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Why is it necessary to register EOS tokens? I'm missing something

I need help I made payment of 2 Ether to the EOS contract address and I cannot get my EOS token and diffificult adding the EOS public key to myetherwallet,what should I do?

Upload an Exodus wallet. You can trade it with other cryptocurrencies right inside that wallet. It's pretty cool.

Thanks a bunch for the suggestion, it is a powerful path to take. Namaste :)

But please, remember to map your EOS key before the ICO ends. And Exodus is not suitable for that part of the process. For now, sure you can trade and hold EOS easily with Exodus.

Thanks a lot for the heads-up! Namaste :)

Let me add another suggestion for you regarding coinbase.

Once you have funds in your coinbase dollar wallet, you can then transfer them instantly to, which is owne by coinbase. The transfer is free and instant.

Next, purchase bitcoin using a "limit" order on GDAX. This will also have ZERO fee. Then transfer your bitcoin out of GDAX to wherever you need it. Again, no fee other than the btc network transaction fee.

Depending on how much your are buying/transferring. This can save you a substantial amount of money in fees.

Great points added up to the arsenal of goodness that came my way already, thanks a bunch! Namaste :)

No problem, we're all in this together. :)

The one major problem I have with coinbase is the week delay on bank transfers. That's just insane. It's not a big deal if you stagger transfers, but it's still a pain in the ass.

You can buy EOS tokens on Bitfinex or Binance exchange. Or you can send ethereum and receive EOS tokens as part of the crowdsale following instructions on the EOS website.

Thanks a bunch for the straightforward instructions! Namaste :)

use exodus wallet, it is really simple

Thanks a lot for the input, I am usually using the BitShares Wallet... Is there more pros than cons to use the Exodus Wallet compared to the BTS Wallet? Namaste :)

YOu could just use changelly or shapeshift to swap BTC, ETH, LTC or whatever for some (if your in the USA and "forbidden" from buying (without a VPN) from the every 23 hour crowd sales. Just remember to create your EOS account and map it to the ETH address you keep your EOS ERC-20 token in (ERC-20 Tokens are just place holders for the EOS tokens to be swapped out 1 for 1 after platform launch projected for Jun/Jul 2018)

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