The Big List of EOS Developer Resources

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With just over 3 months since the mainnet launch, EOS is rapidly growing it's users and developer community.

At the time of this article being written EOS has reached over 20,000,000 irreversible blocks and achieved a throughput of 3996 Transactions Per Second (TPS).

Even more impressive is the growing active user base. As of today, the top 10 EOS dApps has over 24,822 active users; close to 4 times the active users for the top 10 dApps on Etherum currently. (source).

Not bad for our first 90 days!

EOS dApp Developer Resources

Our work is not done though, it's just starting. As we approach our very first EOS developer workshop this week in Denver, EOS Rise, we wanted to create a useful resource developers could reference to find all the latest tools, plugins and libraries related to EOS dApp development.

We know how scattered everything can be, especially in these early days, but things are getting better bit by bit, block by block.

So without further ado... here is our big list of EOS developer resources...

Developer Channels

One of the strengths of EOS is it's amazing developer community. Don't ever feel ashamed to have to reach out and ask for help. You will find in any of the channels below there are a ton of EOS developers who are knowledgable and happy to help you with your problem. The first thing you need to do is get use to Telegram because you'll be using it a lot. ☠️

1. EOS Developers (Telegram)

This is the main hub for EOS developers at the moment and is geared towards EOS development discussion only (yes, only!). You can get just about any question you have answered by other community members as well as Block One staff themselves. Even @dan is known to pop in from time to time and answer questions in this group.

Link -

2. EOS Rise (Telegram)

The official group for the EOS Rise Developer Workshop series. You can find Phil Mesnier, Eugene Luzgin and other mentors from the ecosystem here who are happy to answer any technical questions you have.

Link -

3. EOS Opportunities (Telegram)

Discuss opportunities in EOS, advertise your skills, connect with DAPP companies, find your niche in the EOS economy.

Link -

4. EOS Design (Telegram)

Anything related to UX/UI or general design topics. You can often find other designers from the community to collaborate with here if you are more front end focused.

Link -

Developer Documentation & Tools

You need good documentation and tools to build killer dApps, and that's exactly why we've assembled the finest developer documentation and tools from around the EOS ecosystem, just for you.

5. EOSIO Developer Portal

Built by Block One, the EOSIO Developer Portal is one of the best places to get up to date information on the latest versions of EOSIO software.

Link -

6. EOSIO Stack Exchange

When in doubt, go to stack exchange. The EOSIO stack exchange is active with knowledgeable developers from all over the world. Definitely a key resource if you are just getting started.

Link -

7. EOSDocs

EOSDocs is another great place for developer documentation and resources.

Link -

8. EOS Bootcamp

A great selection of block producer sponsored courses and educational resources.

Link -

9. EOS Tutorials

An EOS tutorial website for various skill levels.

Link -


Command line interface to interact with the blockchain and to manage wallets.

Link -


The core EOSIO node daemon that can be configured with plugins to run a node. Example uses are block production, dedicated API endpoints, and local development.

Link -


Component that securely stores EOSIO keys in wallets.

Link -

13. EOSC

EOSC is a cross-platform (Windows, Mac and Linux) command-line tool.

Link -

14. FC

FC stands for fast-compiling c++ library and provides a set of utility libraries useful for the development of asynchronous libraries.

Link -

15. Wabt

WABT (we pronounce it "wabbit") is a suite of tools for WebAssembly.

Link -

16. Wasm Dec

WASMDEC is a program that converts WebAssembly binaries to C.

Link -

17. EOSIO Contracts

Smart contracts with some of the basic functions of EOSIO.

Link -

18. EOS Smart Contract Development Toolkit

Dockerized environment to bootstrap your smart contract development.

Link -

19. EOS Factory

Python-based EOS smart-contract development & testing framework.

Link -


General purpose library for the EOS blockchain.

Link -

21. EOSJS Browser

A browser-friendly version of EOSJS.

Link -

22. EOSIO Project Boilerplate Simple

An EOSIO boilerplate project that contains the UI and Smart Contract code, as well as setup scripts which will initialize and start all the necessary components to help you get started building.

Link -

23. EOS RC Parser

EOS Ricardian contract parser.

Link -

24. EOS Helpers

A list of bash scripts to help with EOSIO.

Link -

25. EOS Blox

EOS Blox is the world’s first suite of web components coupled with customised smart contract provision.

Link -

26. Ping EOS

Implementing ping between EOS / React.js.

Link -

27. EOS Encrypt

Allows to encrypt & decrypt a messages.

Link -

28. EOS Communication

This node.js module allows on-chain encrypted communication on the EOS platform.

Link -


One of the best block explorers for EOS. Useful for tracking all types of actions on the network.

Link -


One of the very first things you should do is get involved with an EOS testnet so you can begin testing your dApp. The two main testnets for EOS that are active and supported are Jungle and Cryptokylin. We advise developers become familiar with both of these tesnet environments.

30. Jungle

One of the oldest and more reliable testnets in the ecosystem, Jungle has become a pillar in the EOS development community.

Link -

31. Cryptokylin

CryptoKylin Testnet is a developer-friendly testnet maintained mostly by a group of EOS Mainnet Block Producers based in China, but there are active participants all over the world.

Link -

32. EOS Debug

EOS Debug is a guide for EOS developers who want to download, build, and experiment with the EOS.IO software on community testnets.

Link -


You won't get very far developing EOS dApps without some basic DevOps skills and the ability to fix common issues with your nodes. We've compiled some of the best resources available at the time of this post to make that job a little easier for you.

33. EOS Node Tools

A collection of resources and tools for any EOS enthusiast, dApp developer or block producer.

Link -

34. EOSIO Docker

Simple & fast setup of EOS.IO on Docker.

Link -

35. EOS Test Cave

Automated testing framework for EOS validation.

Link -

36. EOSIO AWS Kinesis Plugin

Amazon Kinesis makes it easy to collect, process, and analyze real-time, streaming data so you can get timely insights and react quickly to new information. The EOSIO AWS Kinesis plugin can make setting things up a little easier if you are using AWS.

Link -

37. EOS Web Sockets

Need some web sockets for your dApp? Use this to create web sockets for EOS.

Link -

38. PatronEOS

RPC Checkpoint for EOS nodes.

Link -

39. Pitreos

Point in Time recovery for EOS, pronounced like "Patriots".

Link -

40. Demux

Deterministic event-sourced state and side effect handling for blockchain applications.

Link -

41. Incoming Transfer Rules

On EOS, incoming transfers can have rules applied to them.

Link -

42. EOS Node Watcher

Watch & Filter EOS Nodes Transactions/Actions and pushes to RabbitMQ, MongoDB, 0MQ etc.

Link -

43. EOSIO GraphQL

Deploy a GraphQL API + MongoDB for the EOSIO blockchain.

Link -

44. EOSIO MongoDB Queries

Quickly create complex MongoDB Queries for the EOSIO blockchain.

Link -

45. EOS RabitMQ Plugin

An EOS RabbitMQ plugin to make your life a little easier.

Link -

46. EOS ZeroMQ Plugin

This plugin is doing approximately the same as history_plugin, but instead of storing history events in the shared memory database, it pushes them outside of nodeos process via ZeroMQ PUSH socket.

Link -

47. EOS ZeroMQ Receiver

This is a set of scripts that are designed to receive and process the data flow that is generated by nodeos ZeroMQ plugin.

Link -

48. EOSIO Kaftka Plugin

Kafka is used for building real-time data pipelines and streaming apps and this plugin allows you to utilize all of Kaftka's rich real-time features utilizing the EOS blockchain.

Link -

49. EOS Mechanics

EOS Mechanics benchmark contracts & utilities.

Link -

Wrappers, APIs & SDKs

Don't write in C++? That's OK, there are wrappers and SDKs coming out for EOSIO software every day for your language of choice. Here are just a few that are currently available.

50. EOS Scala Wrapper

A Scala wrapper for EOS RPC API.

Link -

51. EOS Java Wrapper

A Java implementation of the EOS RPC calls.

Link -

52. EOS Go

EOSIO Go API library.


53. EOSpy

This library is still a work in progress but currently has the ability to perform all cleos get functions without compiling the code.


54. EOS Sharp

C# client library for EOS blockchains.

Link -


PHP Wrapper for EOS API.

Link -



Link -


EOS libraries for the JVM, designed primarily for Android development.

Link -

58. SwiftyEOS

SwiftyEOS is an open-source framework for interacting with EOS, written in Swift.

Link -

59. EOS API Service

EOS API Service platform.

Link -


Even with EOSIO being so new there is already a wealth of resources available at your disposal to get your project up and running in a snap.

An updated version of this article will be maintained here.

Connect with us! We're building a better future on EOSIO.

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Nice one mate!

Lots of resteems and no real upvote support from folks on the platform, for shame! Have a ~$10 or so upvote, you deserve more for this legwork.

Thanks for putting this out there! Truly helpful. Definitely a good resource to come back to, bookmarked! I'll certainly be pointing inquiring parties in the direction of this post, no doubt.

Added my 2 cents too ;)

It all adds up! This is a good, comprehensive list that I'm sure is gonna be popping up in search results a lot in the future.

Thanks for your endorsement @matt-a! We are always trying to add value for the EOS ecosystem, and it's appreciated when those efforts are recognized.

Holy smokes that’s quite a list! great job putting that together. 😹

Great job. Thanks!

thanks for this extensive list, which appears to cover just everything to get started in the EOS world as a developer.

Thanks for putting this big list together! Great resources :)

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You missed eos-jvm and eos reach, an open source wallet for Android.

Great resources!, we have the EOS Study Center, where you can find nice videos made by the community.

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