Crypto Tribe DAO Ownership Disclosure

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We operate historically under eostribe, cryptotribe, tribe brand names.
Crypto Tribe DAO LL, a Wyoming Limited Liability Company, is a blockchain technology company focused on building infrastructure and software for the dPOS blockchains.

Our Origins

We became as EOS Tribe back in 2017 as EOS BP candidate.
It was a journey with many lessons learned along the way. And while we began with a bit of idealistic view of dPOS as digital democracy - we discovered that Governance is a very complex problem, which is more about human nature then technology.
And while we may have became well aware of limitations, we remain optimistic of future and continue iterating and learning from past mistakes.
And hence EOS Tribe became Crypto Tribe DAO to indicate pivot to support wider array of dPOS blockchains.

The Organization

Crypto Tribe DAO is Wyoming LLC distributed organization focusing on supporting validators for POS chains, supporting infrastructure, providing API services and developing software including Tribe wallet.

Our mission

  • To provide reliable infrastructure and support dPOS chains
  • To provide API services to dApps which need it
  • To build new partnerships to bring utility to blockchains we support
  • To educate public and contribute to Blockchain adoption
  • To continue development and support of Tribe wallet:


Crypto Tribe DAO, LC
Legal entity type: Limited Liability Company
Jurisdiction: Wyoming, United States
Established: May 13th, 2022


Crypto Tribe DAO is a multi-member organization with fluid ownership structure. The primary founder of Crypto Tribe DAO LC is Eugene Luzgin.

Website | Medium | Github | Telegram | SteemIt | Twitter


this is cool and good movement as initial for eos ecosystem

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Good stuff! It's great to see real names behind the Block Producers, it adds to transparency and gives more credibility.

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We are the same, an Australian PTY LTD, totally owned buy our two co-founders as well as self funded.

Good posting~!!!!! Have nice day~~!!!

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