EOS Voter - Secure Online Voting with Scatter and Anti-Spoofing

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Voting on EOS has been both exciting and controversial, with many end users in the community finding it hard to understand why a secure, easy to use online voting system was not in place on day one.

Now that the chain is activated and EOS is a fully functioning blockchain that the outside world will come in droves to use, it more important than ever to provide a great user experience for voting that is secure.

We believe the latest version of EOSphere’s ‘EOS Voter’ in combination with Scatter, provides the community with the most secure, easy to use ‘online voting and monitoring portal’ available today.



To jump right in and see how to use the latest 'EOS Voter' with Scatter check out this detailed step by step video

EOS Voter - New Features

• End to End Secure Communication with SSL / HTTPS
• Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates – ‘Green Padlock with Company Name’
• HTTPS EOS Mainnet API Endpoints with EV SSL
• Anti-Spoofing Alert – for possible fake BPs
• Block Producer Logos
• Proxy Voting
• Staking
• Constitution Agreement

End to End Secure Communication with EV SSLs / HTTPS

We’ve been working very closely with @nsjames the lead developer of Scatter to accelerate and test SSL support for Scatter so we can provide encrypted communication between your browser, the ‘EOS Voter’ website and public EOS network nodes that support HTTPS/SSL. Thanks to @nsjames tireless work, SSL is fully supported in the latest version of Scatter and ‘EOS Voter’ now insists on end to end SSL communication when you browse to it.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates ‘Green Padlock with Company Name’

It’s trivial to get a standard SSL certificate for your site or application these days, but the process to get an ‘Extended Validation’ certificate (EV SSL) that can help mitigate phishing and spoofing attacks is significantly more involved as we found out – we had to obtain professional endorsements on our Australian registered company ‘EOSPHERE PTY LTD’ and undergo interviews for both us and our accountants!


When you visit any of EOSphere’s public websites – always look for the The Green Padlock and EOSPHERE PTY LTD before the url in your browser bar – this will ensure you are actually visiting our sites.

HTTPS EOS Mainnet API Endpoints with EV SSL

The two public EOS Mainnet API endpoints that EOSphere provide to the community also support SSL with EV certificates. These endpoints are widely used by the community and are also incorporated in Scatter and used by the community voting portal EOSPortal.IO.

You can check this for yourself by running a ‘get info’ query against our public nodes:


Anti-Spoofing Alert – for possible fake BPs

We’ve included a basic anti-spoofing caution alert that identifies if a registered block producer’s name does not match the name listed in the ‘bp.json’ provided by the actual block producers web site.


Block Producer candidates use the ‘bp.json’ standard to tell voting portals about themselves and to let the community know about the public resources that they provide – you can see EOSphere’s at https://www.eosphere.io/bp.json

There have unfortunately already been two well known cases of spoofing happen with fellow block producer candidates ‘EOS Dublin’ and ‘GenerEOS’.

If you are a genuine block producer candidate and ‘EOS Voter’ has a caution against your name – reach out to us to us we’ll see if we can help you resolve the issue with your bp.json or about enabling https / SSL for your website.

Block Producer Logos

We’ve introduced listing the Block Producer Candidate’s (BPC’s) logos next to their name if they provide the logo details in the bp.json and serve it from an SSL enabled server. If your logo is not displaying on ‘EOS Voter’ and you can confirm you are serving the logo from an SSL enabled server then please reach out to us to investigate.

Constitution Agreement

When voting you are now made aware that by doing so you are agreeing to the EOS constitution.

EOS Voter is released to the EOS community as an open source project at https://github.com/eosphere/eos-voter.

There are other excellent community voting tools you should be aware of that we endorse – https://eosportal.io for which we contributed 201 EOS to help develop and provide two public SSL nodes for and the greymass tool which you install on your computer, and is endorsed by several block producer candidates we trust.


We hope you like using ‘EOS Voter’ and it helps provide you with the confidence to vote securely. If you have any feedback or suggestions for incorporation in the next release please get in touch with us on any of our social media channels below or come join our community discord channel (https://discord.gg/fYUwwWk)

Website https://www.eosphere.io

EOSphere are a passionate group of EOS enthusiasts and data centre professionals campaigning for election as founding block producers for the EOS mainnet launch.

Based in Australia, EOSphere are focussed on bootstrapping the EOS community and serving the entire EOSphere through provision of infrastructure, governance and community benefit initiatives.

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