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As you all know launch is just around the corner. In preparation for launch a motley crew of developers and BP candidates have been working on an EOS Voting Portal in their (very limited) spare time. has made it clear that, at launch, their software will support voting via command line, but will not provide an end user interface.

Our intention is for the EOS Voting Portal to allow token holders to efficiently research and vote for BP candidates. Having a clean and functional voting portal IS A MUST for the EOS community, as it will enable a much wider range of voter participation beyond those people comfortable with voting via a command line, and the sooner such a Portal comes to fruition the better.

This is where you come in. We need your help. The portal is about three weeks away from a beta launch, but the project has been tough. As many of those contributing to the portal are BP candidates, their time and attention has been pulled in many different directions. So EOSTalks in coordination with EOSGo, IMEOS, and Koreos is requesting that ALL EOS COMMUNITY members (with a special appeal to BP candidates) able to donate funds to the creation of this project due so ASAP. The extra funding will pay for development, testing, and execution. Most importantly it will REWARD hard working self-starters that are creating an awesome portal for the community to use, no strings attached.

This project is being worked on by some of the most well known and trusted members of the EOS community, so you do not have to worry about the funds being abused or misused. Participants include:

SW/eden, NSJames, Fuzzy, EOSDac, EOSTribe, EOS42, EOS Vikings, Cesar, Saltblock, EOS Brazil, and more...

The funds will be collected and disbursed via...


If you want to hold on to your EOS and would rather donate via USD, you can do so on our Go Fund Me page

All rewards collected on this post will be cashed out and given to the EOS VOTING PORTAL POOL. Please upvote, resteem, and promote this post all you can.


The EOS Portal we will allow BP candidates to add attributes to their candidacy. These could be tangible things like hardware specifications (number of machines, network, ...) and scaling plans, as well as intangible things such as reasoning behind wanting to become a block producer, moral values as well as other campaign promises, etc.

Voting via EOS Portal will add metadata to the votes to allow the voters to specify which attributes that made each individual voter place their trust in each specific BP. This data will then be used for:

Voter perspective
Identify other BPs / proxies of interest to look into
“Pair” with other voters that have the same compass and prioritization between sets of values as oneself
Find their individual places within communities in the community
Receive weighted notifications based on level of pairing with BPs, proxies and voters



Great community effort! We're glad we can support.

EOS NY has been a pillar of the community; thank you so much for supporting this project.

For those messaging me asking if this is legitimate. It is.

EOSphere fully support this initiative and have donated, thanks for helping to bring the community together to make this happen.

Thank you for the huge donation!! We appreciate your support and look forward to collaborating in the future.

For those wondering why b1 isn't building this, we have to step back and look at all the pieces. wouldn't just have to build the portal, they would have to build everything necessary for securing user's keys as well, or endorse Scatter which isn't something they can do.

By allowing the community to build this we have every tool at our advantage whether it's from or elsewhere.

I can appreciate that b.1 doesn't want to build the voting portal but this seems like exactly the kind of project they should be funding???

Agreed, the whole thing about b1 not launching and all enforces real centralisation. But still, given the amount of airtime eg Thomas Cox has invested to provide guidance on details of the launch, the necessity of building a wallet and voting portal could have been stressed a bit more at the least....

Excellent initiative, thank you Katie. Looking forward to a tool that will help voters select the best BP candidates in the most efficient manner possible.

Only a little, but done :-)

Every little bit counts; thank you for your generosity!

Ok EOS community lets help these developers out. We will need this tool real soon.

Yes; I really want us to show the world what the EOS community can do!

Isn't this the purpose of the $1B+ funds Block One raised? Why is the community being asked to contribute funds when the ICO funds should be more than ample for a critical feature?


Blockone build and release open source software, everything beyond the operating system is the communities responsibility

Absolutely nothing stopped to create generic open source solution which can be reused by any chain. Something like an addon or utility to the main software. There is no excuse for this failure.
People will laugh when they hear we need to donate to make this happen.
By the way, what is stopping to donate some money for this ?

Likely for legal reasons. They are staying out of the community launch process. While you are right, maybe they could have developed an open source tool for it, I'd rather them stay focused on developing their blockchain :)

I tend to think its for legal reasons.

They did. It's command line, and it's not easy to install.

"Yes; I really want us to show the world what the EOS community can do!"

Agree with bearactual and darko-l.

The world has already seen what the EOS community has done.... i.e. donated well in excess of a billion USD to No legal strings attached!

Voting is key to this whole thing taking off and yet nobody anticipates a return donation from Instead the rallying cry is for the EOS community('you') to have a whip-round.

People outside the EOS community are going to make a mockery of this.

Perhaps, being part of the community itself, will see the silliness and cough up a return donation for this to get funded asap.

That's a better title, @summerskin. Thanks for that ;-)

Upvoted to show my support.

Just did my part to help 👍😉

Yes sir,,,

I'm going to forward this to the italian community! we'll support you! thanksphoto1263012237097936856.jpg

here we are with our brand new steemit account!

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