EOSMetal Code of Conduct

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To maintain full transparency and ensure the EOS community is aware of our guiding principles, we hereby submit our code of conduct for consideration of the EOS community and our candidacy as a block producer.


The mission of EOSMetal is to establish and support the EOS blockchain through robust infrastructure, provide unbiased representation of the EOS community, and support a decentralized team of fellow block producers that share the same values for the benefit of all EOS holders. We accomplish this through our commitments to the EOS constitution, the BP regproducer agreement, transparency, compliance, and our financial independence to remove outside influence.

Guiding Principles

EOSMetal is founded on the premise of being as decentralized and independent as is possible while still providing a robust infrastructure. Operationally we have instilled a philosophy of independence, ensuring that we have no outside business influences that would compromise our sole function, to produce blocks for the EOS community. 

EOSMetal Code of Conduct

Adherence to EOS.IO Constitution

We commit to follow the constitution as ratified by the EOS community, all actions EOSMetal performs will be in adherence solely to the constitution and no other outside influence and we will never comply with actions taken that go against the constitution. Should the constitution be amended in the future by the EOS community, we will abide by the current active constitution, whatever the outcome as further ratified by the EOS community.

BP Regproducer Agreement

We commit to abiding by all commitments and requirements established by the BP regproducer agreement and consistently maintain compliance with all rules set forth by this agreement. Please see our post regarding this (click here)

Ownership Disclosure

We commit to always disclose all financial ownership and interests associated with EOSMetal. We feel our financial independence is a critical factor of our commitment to unbiased block production. Please see our post regarding this (click here)

Financial Independance

In addition to disclosing our ownership, we commit to full financial independence, with no outside investors or alternate sources of revenue that could compromise our commitments to true independence and unbiased block production. We are fully self funded and intend to never take outside investment.

Use of Block Producer Rewards

We commit to always use BP rewards to first fund our infrastructure and technical commitments to the EOS community before we ever disperse any revenue to our limited ownership. We are committed to first developing an operations fund to maintain our operation, even if our rewards should ever change, so as to always have funds available to maintain our ability to produce blocks for the EOS mainnet.

Decentralized EOS/BP Cooperation

We commit to cooperate with our fellow BP's to collectively develop a strong and decentralized EOS, supporting other BP's both operationally and with the community, to educate voters on how they can participate in securing the EOS mainnet for a successful future for EOS.

Honesty, Integrity, and Ethics

We commit to always act with honesty and integrity, and maintain the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our conduct and operation.  

Find us on Telegram: https://twitter.com/EOSMetal
Find us on Twitter: https://t.me/EOSMetal
Please visit our webpage at: http://Eosmetal.io
You can contact us by email at: [email protected] 

We thank you for considering us as a block producer and look forward to serving you on the mainnet. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions about our candidacy.

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