EOSLaoMao Team report #3

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1. The EOSLaoMao team officially released the EOS Security Guardian

Following the recent release of BankofStaked, the EOSLaoMao team immediately added a new feature to the community's security content – ​​the EOS Security Guardian. The following security innovations are available to the community:

  1. You can set a single transfer limit.
  2. You can set the maximum amount of transfer within a certain time range.
  3. Safe stake without the risk of capital transfer.
  4. Support blacklist/whitelist mechanism.
    About EOS Security Guardian specific parameter implementation links:

2. BP helps the EOS Carbon Emissions Environmental Plan

Recently, the EOS Authority launched an environmental campaign to make EOS a carbon neutral blockchain. Carbon neutral refers to not increasing carbon dioxide in the air. The EOS Authority and ClimateCare jointly calculated the carbon footprint of the EOS and considered it possible to implement offset carbon emissions. Currently, in the webpage published by EOS Authority, 21 BPs and standby BPs can donate 16 EOS as funds to offset carbon emissions. EOSLaoMao actively participates in and supports this program to help EOS become the world's first carbon neutral blockchain! For details, please see: https://eosauthority.com/green/

3. On November 20th, EOSLaoMao team organized the EOS Alliance - Serenity to discuss the community "cancel ECAF".

The meeting lasted 60 minutes and different roles in the community commented on the topic.
Minutes of the meeting: Governance | How can the ECAF function be replaced?

4, The series articles about reviewing EOS mainnet launching event

On the EOS mainnet launching, the EOSLaoMao team posted a half-year review of the entire network of major events, and has released the content of Part 1. From the EOS BP campaign to the current timeline, the technology, governance, testnet and other aspects were reviewed.

5, BankofStaked price adjusted again, the same price CPU supply compared with the previous average increase of 68.5%

The EOSLaoMao team announced the latest price of resource staking on November 26th BankofStaked Telegraph Group.

In this price adjustment, there is no change in the amount of mortgage use for free emergency projects. Among the five options for paid projects, except for Mercury's large mortgages, which were directly reduced from 200 EOS to 80 EOS, the CPU of the four options Micro, Mini, Short, and Tall increased by 65.6 %, 67.9%, 68.9%, and 71.8% compared with the previous equivalent price, while NET increased by 80%, 86.7%, 83.3%, and 80% compared with the previous price.

6. The EOSLaoMao team shared themes at the EOS Governance event in Japan.

At 7:00 pm Tokyo time on November 28th, the EOS Governance event hosted by Atticus and JEDA was held in Tokyo, Japan. The EOSLaoMao team shared the “blacklist plug-in” used in EOS governance and the subsequent new wrap functions at the event site. From the technology, case and current usage scenarios and subsequent development, the EOSLaoMao team shared governance and interaction with the Japanese EOS community. The combination of technology is used to solve the existing problems, and the application of future technologies in governance is prospected.

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