EOSLaoMao Team report #1

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1. On November 7, 2018, EOSLaoMao and JEDA communicated with OmiseGO's Tokyo office and numerous developers.


2. In the DoraHacks event held in Tokyo from November 10th to 11th, 2018, EOSLaoMao and JEDA provided technical support and participated in the review.

The team, “Rice Cracker” led by Hiroki Yamamoto, won the competition. The team was unanimously recognized by the judges based on the medical solutions designed by EOS.

In their creativity, the patient's personal data can be authorized to visit the medical institution within a certain period of time, and the case can be viewed through remote authorization, so that the medical institutions can quickly obtain the medical report. Increasing patient satisfaction while providing higher quality medical services can also reduce misdiagnosis and provide patients with different treatment opinions to reduce medical costs.

DoraHacks (doraHacks.com) is one of the most active hackathon organizers and communities in the world.

3. EOSLaoMao and JEDA participate in the EOS Weekend event hosted by Hashhub

On November 3rd and 4th, EOSLaoMao and JEDA participated in the EOS Weekend event hosted by HashHub in Tokyo, Japan. The conference lasted for two days. The main target group was local EOS developers and technology enthusiasts in Japan. The event site was divided into two parts: technical communicating and practical learning.

During the event, a number of local EOS enthusiasts and developers in Tokyo, Japan, also shared topics, from the basics of EOS, DApp development, and the existing ecological development environment.

The theme that EOSLaoMao brings to local Japanese developers is Play with EOS blcokchain, which includes: how to create a local test network, how to get blockchain data, how to create an EOS local wallet, how to create an EOS account and other basic content.

As of now, the list of projects developed by the EOSLaoMao team for the community is as follows:
Hashhub is a local co-working space in Tokyo, Japan. It is dedicated to providing a comfortable and open working environment for blockchain developers. It is also actively promoting blockchain related technologies in Japan, including meetup and technical training.

4. On November 6th, 9:00 pm Beijing time EOSLaoMao organized the EOS Alliance - Serenity team to discuss the EOScast stolen case.

The meeting lasted 90 minutes and different roles in the community commented on such events.

Meeting minutes:Gov | If the rules are not observed, what is the meaning of the Constitution?

5. BankofStaked updated the mobile version of the adaptation page on November 9th.

Direct transfer can automate the entire process of resource redemption. Currently available wallets include: Token Pocket, 51 Pocket, Bit Portal, MEET.ONE, EOS.LIVE and Wheat Wallet.

6. EOSLaoMao has been voted for more than 10,000 accounts in the community!

Thanks to the community for their recognition of the EOSLaoMao team. At present, our team technically provides a blacklisted plug-in for the community, developed the eos-cluster-generator tool, launched the resource collateral business of BankofStaked, and launched smart contracts such as SafeDelegatebw and CronContract. In the developer community, we have been working on the popularization of EOS technology, including open source code for EOS-related projects, participation in local developer training events, and participation in EOS community online and offline related technical discussions.

In the next phase, we will continue to work with the community to contribute more to the community's better!



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