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On November 16, EOSLaoMao team went to Norway to attend the EOS BP SUMMIT. At the same time, they shared the theme of “How to build an automatic Dapp on EOS”. Taking BankofStaked project as an example, they explained the core process of developing a medium-sized project on EOS. More on BankofStaked.

北京时间 11 月 16 日,EOSLaoMao 团队赴挪威参加 EOS BP SUMMIT,同时做了主题为《如何在 EOS 上开发自动化的资源租赁 DAPP》的分享,以 BankofStaked 项目为案例讲解了在 EOS上开发一个中型项目的核心流程。更多关于 BankofStaked


In addition to opening the creditor function to a wider range of token holders, BankofStaked formally launched the “Dapp supporting program ”.

BankofStaked 下一步计划除了向更广范围的代币持有者开放 creditor (贷出人)功能之外,BankofStaked 正式推出“开发者扶持计划”。image

BankofStaked offers free resource support to resource-starved and qualified developers,help new dapps go through user adoption period without worrying too much about resource for their users.

The Dapp requirements we support in this project are as follows:

1、Open source + Ricardian Contracts.

2、Free resource staking for DAU users, until DAPP reached 500 DAU in 3 month.

Note: Ricardian Contracts are optional. Some contracts do not require Ricardian Contracts without custom action.

Project parties that have requirements for “Dapp supporting program “ can send relevant information to [email protected], or you can find us in telegram,@lochaiching and @yvonnesuper.

目前在考虑到社区众多项目方常因资源紧张及供给不稳定而导致项目未能如期顺利开发和推出的情况下,BankofStaked 为资源紧缺且符合条件的开发者提供免费资源的支持。




对达到上述条件的项目方,BankofStaked 将提供长达三个月的免费资源。若在此期间项目达到日活 500 将不再予以提供。

对“开发者扶持计划”有需求的项目方,可发送相关资料到 [email protected] ,或者扫描以下二维码加微信进行交流,同时请备注:BankofStaked。




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