Announcing BankofStaked, a Self-Serve CPU&NET Resource Vending Machine Supported by Block Producers

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Brief Intro

As an EOS block producer, EOSLaoMao team is trying to build different DApps to explore and demonstrate what developers can build on EOS.

Since the EOS Mainnet launch, we have developed one smart contract theblacklist which put blacklist configs onchain to facilitate BPs' blacklist management. Also, HKEOS and EOS Cafe Block have built a great frontend for it: Currently theblacklist contract is widely and actively used by 50+ BPs.

Along with the rapid growth of EOS ecosystem, we have noticed that lots of users and DApp developers calling for cheaper CPU&NET resource. That's where the idea of BankofStaked originated.

The user experience we want to achieve in BankofStaked, is that any account could get CPU&NET delegated automatically through a simple transfer, no more action needed. And the undelegate process will also be triggered automatically.

Technically, by using deferred transaction and inline action, we have achieved the above goal. After a security audit from SlowMist team and thorough test on Kylin Testnet, we are confident that BankofStaked is now ready to serve EOS community.

Available Plans

BankofStaked is live with Scatter support at:

Currently, it provides 1 free CPU emergency plan and 3 paid plans:

Screenshot 2018-10-04 at 9.00.55 AM.png

For free CPU emergency plan, it works like this:

Transfer 0.1 EOS to bankofstaked account, you will get:

  1. 0.1 EOS refund immediately.
  2. 0.5 EOS staked for CPU for 6 hours.

After 6 hours, your service will expire automatically.

Note: Free plan is available for each account every 24 hours.

Currently, there are 3 Paid plans:

  1. 0.5 EOS for 50 EOS staked for 7 days
  2. 1.0 EOS for 110 EOS staked for 7 days
  3. 2.0 EOS for 240 EOS staked for 7 days

Simply transfer the amount of EOS specified above to get certain amount of EOS staked for your account automatically.

After 7 days, an automated undelegate action will be triggered, order will expire, service ends.

Now, several wallets already integrated BankofStaked:

  1. MEET.ONE Wallet
  2. Token Pocket
  3. 51 Token
  4. Bit Portal

And, these wallets and tools are on their way to do that:

  1. imToken
  3. simplEOS
  4. EOS-Voter

Block Producers Involvement

During the development of BankofStaked, EOS Argentina team has been a great help. We couldn't solve all the technical obstacles without them.

We also got great insights from awesome open sourced projects by Greymass and Scatter team.

Lots of BPs on Kylin Testnet helped us testing it during development as well.

By doing this project, we feel that the whole EOS community is not only great, it gets greater every day!

When we were planning to launch free CPU emergency plan, we reached out to several BPs to see if they are interested also. The response is overwhelming. They not only joined by themselves, they also recommended it to other BPs as well.

One thing lead to another, here is the full list of BPs who are supporting BankofStaked by being a creditor or integrating it into their tools or wallets so far, and the list is growing:

Screenshot 2018-10-04 at 10.53.12 AM.png

With help from these great teams, we are proud to announce that, BankofStaked now can support free cpu emergency plan to 20K users simultaneously. If the need surges in the future, we have another 20K EOS waiting.

If you are a BP willing to support BankofStaked, feel free to contract us:

a Sneak Peek of whitelist Feature

We have released a new feature called whitelist.

Currently in order to avoid spamming, one account can purchase both free and paid plan for at most 5 accounts(until some of the orders purchased by this account expire)

But account in whitelist, has a specified capacity, which means this certain account can purchase capacity amount of free or paid plans. Which enables services like centralized free CPU emergency plan. Newest MEET.ONE wallet has used this feature to provide free CPU emergency service already.

This feature will also enable both free and paid plans to certain DAPP accounts, which will lower their cost dramatically.

So if you are thinking of integrating BankofStaked into your wallet, or you are a DAPP developer need CPU service, feel free to contact us:

the Future

BankofStaked aims to provide free and affordable CPU&NET resource leasing in a long run. We are here to stay.

We believe this is the right kind of service to help both users and DApp developers, which eventually will lead to a flourishing EOS ecosystem.

btw, BankofStaked is open sourced:

Thanks again for your great help everybody!


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Nice service, but Chintai is way cheaper atm.. ;-)

wow, very nice, these kind of services will speed up EOS more and more

Very interesting proyect.
Is there any way to contribute with this proyect by staking eos and sharing CPU and NET if I am not a BP?