EOS.IO Slack is ready

in eos •  2 years ago  (edited)

We're happy to announce that the official community Slack for EOS.IO is now ready. To get your invitation, go to:


See you all there!

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Too slow for the prize :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Just a heads up, I created #Russia, #China, and #Korea (lots of interest from those countries I've noticed) rooms on the slack so native speakers can have a place to congregate. So, if you know anyone that speaks those respective languages, invite them on in! Gotta make sure EOS is available to the masses globally!

Hey matt! Could u please invite me to the eos slack room? my email [email protected]

Alright. Congrats.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you - Telegram was just weird.

Edit: site is down for the count :(

anyone else having trouble getting to the invitation link (getting request timed out)?

also, does this mean much of the "real" EOS activity will be "migrating" over from the telegram channel? the chat there is running so fast I can't even keep up anymore! lol

I was able to get in just fine and very quickly. Try visiting eos.slack.com and/or eoscommunity.slack.com and see if that helps.

If you're new to slack, you'll find that it's WAY better structured than Telegram with a decent amount more functionality. Telegram is supposedly end to end encrypted (while Slack is not), but we don't really know that due to its closed-source nature. Not that discussing EOS is some kind of top-secret stuff, but I'm weird about principals haha.

You'll certainly find it much easier to "keep up," in Slack.

Thanks Matt that's what I figured. I did try eos.slack.com and eosio.slack.com (which also seems to work). Problem is they all say: "Don't have an account on this team yet? Contact the team administrator for an invitation".

Maybe the invitation link is just down temporarily. I'll check in periodically, and hopefully it'll start working again at some point!

just wanted to update, seems the invite link http://slack.eos.io/ seems to be working again, but gotta say that so far, it's a bit "lonely" in there! lol

hey Alex! Could u please invite me to the eos slack room? my email [email protected]

they actually shut it down about a month ago, citing the following reasoning:

Hi @everyone. In order to better protect our community against future scams and fraudulent activity on Slack, we’ve made the decision to shut down this community channel indefinitely starting tomorrow, July 13, 2017. Please visit our website EOS.io for the latest updates and to find other ways to get in touch with us. It's unfortunate that it got to this point but we felt it was in the best interest of everyone.

thks for the info. will surely sign-in to follow the development. Telegram is already growing on faster.

Very nice! I much prefer Slack to Telegram, good move! Re-steemulated!

that's a new term: re-steemulated. good play on words.

Messing with words is a habit haha. Thanks for the observation!

I got 'token_revoked' on trying to get an invite. Any ideas?

Can someone invite me please! [email protected],thanks very much!

gooooooood :D

Awesome friend... Followed.....
You have new friend from today..... @bickydahal

Amazing. Great. We will be part of it.

We're joining. Now!

Can someone invite me please! [email protected]

what's the name of 'team' are we joining ? Just EOS ? I would appreciate an invite at - [email protected] Thank You

Got the invite. Thanks

Yehey! :D

My handle there is pumpkin_pi

The link doesn't work for me.


Need and invite please! :)

[email protected]

The link above, https://slack.eos.io gives me "This site can't be reached" error. The link from from your website, eos.io works fine for me. Is it my browser (Chrome) configuration?

hello, I already sign but didn't get invited yet, I don't know what is going wrong. could you invite me please? [email protected] Thanks

Invite sent!

The link does not work for me too !!
Invite me : [email protected]

I'd also like an invite. Mine said token revoked as well.
[email protected]

meow meow. me likey.

Invite please. To avoid harvesting, email address is an image:

Can't join, keeps saying token revoked.
please invite me by email [email protected], thanks

The link https://slack.eos.io/ does not seem to work anymore.

anyone could please invite me to the eos slack room? my email [email protected]

Could u please invite me to the eos slack room? my email [email protected]

can someone please invite me to the eos slack channel? [email protected]

slack invite no longer works...

Will you ever bring back the slack