EOS, The Great Liberator

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Written by Katie Roman, EOS Go Contributor.

With his latest creation, Dan Larimer seeks to disrupt the world’s status quo by redistributing power and control

Jump onto any EOS chat online and the following phrases can be read:

“EOS to the MOON”
“EOS is the new ETHEREUM”
“EOS is going to change the world”

This kind of online cheerleading is fairly typical in the cryptocurrency world; every coin has its followers, and since most followers have invested time and money into the coin they follow, every coin has its die hard fans. Convinced that their coin will be the one that “changes it all”, they take to their computers to sing the the praises of the tech, the team, and the community. They breathlessly relay the latest news, rumors, price charts, progress, and encourage each other to HODL through the highs and lows of the market. In this regard, the relatively small but dedicated EOS community is rather typical; they love the coin and often talk about its tech, its team and its ability to change the world as we know it. What sets the EOS community apart from other blockchain projects is that they might actually be right.

The Visionary

EOS is the brainchild of Dan Larimer, a mature blockchain developer in the emerging market of alt-coins. While many second generation coins are the result of first-time blockchain developers, Larimer is unique in that EOS will be his third creation and most ambitious project to date. He hopes EOS will become the blockchain platform that allows the world to “decentralize everything”. He plans on doing this by creating a “software” that allows large online companies, or DAPPS to build and run on the EOS platform as smoothly and easily as they would any centralized software; this is a big task.

While blockchain technology has had some big wins (Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two “household names”), no one blockchain has been able to “crack the code” as of yet. There are problems. The technology is relatively new, and there are kinks - bugs to be worked out. Blockchains can be slow and congested; systems can go off-line and fall victim to virtual attacks. Not only can transactions be slow, but they can be EXPENSIVE:

Blockchains can be hard to build on as well - the foundational code is often hard to decipher, and very restrictive in their language requirements. What should an aspiring blockchain developer do?

Enter EOS

Larimer states that EOS will solve all these problems and more; the system will be able to process thousands of transactions a second, it will have NO fees, and it will be “out of the box” ready - in other words, all the pertinent problems currently perplexing the blockchain world would be no more. This kind of talk shouldn’t come as a shock; the volatile alt-coin market rises and falls based on hype, and these kinds of claims are common place in the crypto world, but what sets EOS apart is that Larimer has already delivered on these promises twice before. The creator of not one, but two top 50 coins on coinmarketcap.com, his creations are among the fastest performing blockchains on the market. Bitshares, his original work, is a decentralized financial platform that in many ways, was ahead of its time. With Bitshares Larimer invented DPOS, or delegated proof-of-stake, a system that makes the energy intensive, and hard to break into mining model, obsolete. His next coding project turned into Steem, the backbone of Steemit, a social media site that pays its content creators directly. While other coin communities depend on a promise and a white paper, the EOS community has Larimer.

The New World Economy

If Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s aim is to “bring the world closer together”, Larimer’s would be to reinvent it. A libertarian, he is not driven by accolades or riches, but rather philosophy. He envisions a new world order in which power and control lies far and wide, with community and cooperation taking center stage. When spoken about abstractly, Larimer’s ambitions may seem euphoric, pie in the sky, or unfocused, but when one begins to explore EOS and the technology behind it, realization dawns that this tool could usher in a new era in humanity, one that could change it all.

This is not hyperbole; this is a real possibility. The central philosophy behind EOS, and almost all cryptocurrencies, is that of decentralization. Decentralization simply means that there is no central source of command, control, or power in the organization. Larimer took this a step further and invented the concept of DAC (decentralized autonomous company). A DAC has no captain on the ship, rather it lives and dies by the passion, involvement, and ingenuity of its community. EOS holders have real power in this system; in fact, they ARE the system.

EOS token holders will have a variety of responsibilities, each as important as the next. They vote for block producers (block producers are charged with securing the system and ensuring creating “blocks” or pages of the public ledger that are accessible by all in the system), they control which DAPPS can use the EOS bandwidth for their projects (each coin will represent a certain amount of bandwidth on the system), and holding EOS coins entitles them to “free” tokens given out to them as payment for certain DAPPS that end up using their system (possibly killing the ICO model that has come under heat as of late as regulators grapple with the crypto space). No other coin allots its holders as many perks, privileges or POWER as EOS; its function is truly unprecedented in the blockchain sphere.

Zoomed in, the technology can seem quite specific and inconsequential in the greater scheme of things, but zoom out and the revolution starts to take shape. In a centralized company, much of the profits, benefits, and power concentrates in a few, strong hands. The CEO, board of directors, majority share holders, etc, reap the rewards of a working class; the many for the few. The innovation and proclamation of a DAC is quite the opposite; wealth will be spread far and wide, opportunity is plentiful, and the fate of a company relies on those in the community that have built it, so they shall reap the rewards.

What does this mean? Well, let’s do a thought experiment.

  • Need a home-loan? No need to go to the bank, plug in to your local blockchain-run lending company and get approved; the loan is processed immediately and the money is put into your online wallet. The contract is saved on the blockchain, so the terms cannot be altered. Since overhead is minimal, so is the interest rate; in fact, the company only charges a fraction of a percent on your loan.

  • Spending a great deal of time on Twitter? Do your tweets attract a good amount of traffic? What if every “retweet” you got resulted in money, and you could make your living by tweeting? It would only be natural; you provide the content that Twitter relies on, of course you should get paid.

  • Live in a country with hyper-inflation? Invest your money into a stable cryptocurrency that is secured not by a government, but by crypto-holders across the globe.

The implications are immense.

Meritocracy would be king. Democracy and capitalism, two often-times seemingly incompatible partners would finally peacefully co-exist. Our planet’s most creative, artistic, and passionate souls could survive by their talents, without pesky middle men taking most of the profit. By cutting out centralization, EOS holders envision a world that is more efficient, accessible, and fair. With the EOS blockchain as the backbone of this redistribution of wealth, large swaths of peoples and nations can re-write their destiny; any and everything that exists online today can be reconfigured to perform on the blockchain - let that sink in for a moment.

This is a game changer. The world would be more meaningfully united.

The Opportunity

This worldview is reflected in the setup of EOS and the community building efforts already taking shape around the coin itself. Several online forums have been created to discuss EOS and the best ways to get involved. EOStalk.io is dedicated to anything and everything EOS and is built upon the Steem blockchain, the aforementioned Larimer project. There you can find posters from all walks of life discussing the latest EOS news and price charts.

Another option is forums.eosgo.io for a focused approach, aiming to become the go - to resource for community members come together to plan for the presumed June 2018 launch. The forum is a one-stop networking shop full of entrepreneurs, evangelists, and idealists all working together to breathe life into the newly forming EOS ecosystem.

On Telegram, several EOS centric chats have been created, with the main group boasting over 27k members.

A small, unofficial discord channel has a dedicated crew that logs in to discuss rumors and ideas about EOS and its latest developments.

The EOS sub-reddit is full of believers and naysayers arguing over the merits of the coin and its ability to deliver on its hefty promises.

In a decentralized system, these organically forming communities are key to the success of EOS; without a centralized hub, the deployment of EOS and the technology will literally be in the EOS coin holders hands.

The EOS community does not take the responsibility lightly, and those that share Larimer’s vision are encouraging spectators to jump on the EOS bandwagon before it’s too late. Early and committed involvement are essential to the success of EOS, and there are a variety of ways to get involved. Join any EOS forum and you can participate in the creation of a launch party, or organize a local meet-up with your fellow EOS enthusiasts. DAPP (decentralized apps) teams are starting to take form over in the EOS opportunities Telegram, and potential block producers are beginning to test the waters over at EOStalk.io, but it’s not too late.

Since EOS is decentralized, there is no job interview, no secret club, no hand you must shake to join the movement - all you have to do is simply join. Find a niche where you feel comfortable, do some networking, make some friends, and work on projects that you enjoy. No where else is the barrier to entry so low.

The message radiating from the EOS community is clear; if you want to you make your dent in the universe, NOW is the time, HERE is the place, and EOS is the conduit.


EOStalk.io - forums.eosgo.io - Telegram - EOS Reddit - EOS.io - Github-EOSIO - Steemit - Discord


People look at EOS as if it was the replacement for Ethereum... EOS is the next step towards the replacement of the STATE.

Once we have a scalable, user friendly, third-partly-free way to transparently do business and interact amongst Sapiens, the justifications for taxations and big bureaucracies will fade away. The war won't be won through violence... not even through ideas, but by little daily actions like taking out our phones to buy more insurance coverage DAC tokens before bungee jumping off a bridge.

EOS is certainly a strong technology. I completely agree with you here that it has the potential to be revolutionary.

As a libertarian slowly leaning towards anarcho-capitalist, I am proud to be part of the EOS team. I only got red-pilled last year.


How does one get involved in EOS? Seems like some great ideas and a good move forward on this technology? Any insight would he helpful. Thanks

Hi @arokk27 - we explained who we are and a few ways to get involved with EOS at the bottom of this article.

Beautifully put sir. Once you wake up its hard to focus on anything but the abolition of the state. +1 for achieving change through non-violence.

Where can I follow Katie on social media?!? Love the article!

Hi @unlockrs,

Thank you so much! I don’t really have a presence on social media, I only do Steemit; I’m @summerskin.


Me too!! @summerskin The most thorough and thoughtful article on EOS I have read so far. Awesome!!


fantastic post!

Got a little stake in EOS, hoping Dan and the team can put it all off. Great news about Block.One and Mike Novogratz's Galaxy Digital today too. :)

Very excited about the community it help build, to lead the change in every industry for the benefit of humanity. This is new visionary world we are building !!

I have been doing some research on EOS and this is by far the most concise article I have found so far good work :)

Incredible post, motivating and inspirational. I'll seriously look into hosting a local EOS meetup.

Very good sum up the history and all the facts and and visions that are important related to eos. For everybody that wants a brief introduction a must read post. Thanks for sharing.

We think so too, Katie did an amazing job summarizing the important aspects for anyone to understand. Go EOS!

Awesome post!thanks!

Thank Katie, with this article she'll help a lot of people understand the basics and why they should get involved. Amazing effort and a real labor of love.

Great article Katie!!

Amazing article thank you - sharing it wherever I can 🌷👌

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Poor mooncoin. The bot thinks it is free.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to write about EOS @eosgo! Kev provided all of the photos for the article and did a great job editing it for me. Since this is Steemit, I would like to point out that @eosgo and Kev are offering the opportunity to get involved in the community, and one of the ways is by writing articles for @eosgo. I know there are great writers here on Steemit that would be interested; I would suggest you reach out. EOSGO promotes the piece for you and gives you all of the rewards on the article!

Thanks Katie and it's true! Write for us and we give you credit, help you edit, and send you 100% of the rewards. We're looking to build the EOS community and figure we're best off reaching out to everyone for the best, most educational material. Go EOS!

Hey, I am trying to do more here on Steemit. Here's one I just wrote


Great Post, i loved to read it :)

Thank you for posting. EOS is poised to do great things. EOS is making a quantum leap.

I am new to crypto (about 3 months) and steemit, thank you for this post. I learned about bitshares in December and learned about EOS shortly thereafter. When I read about both of these projects I am convinced they are going to change the world. Been buying as much as I can comfortably. I have also convinced 8 friends and even my mother to buy some of each. Again thanks for this post, I am going to share it with some of my friends to explain EOS and the other dan larimer projects better than I could.

There, two more cents for you to buy EOS.

EOS motivational post! great article, thanks for sharing

Dang that girl can write! Best article I've read on EOS! The idea that, "everything that exists online today can be reconfigured to perform on the blockchain" has far reaching implications. Does EOS stand for Electronic Operating System?! Or, Ethereum On Steroids?!

Katie, your article inspired me to edit this video of Dan Larimer footage. I hope you enjoy!


Very well written! I was lucky to get in early with EOS and to accumulate more at the lows. Kept believing in the project and great to see this community gaining and growing massively. My english is quite good for a dutch speaking belgian. Many stuff to read about the newest (blockchain) technologies but often it feels like a razorblade vs the eyeball. But the above artikel was read through extra smoothly. That takes skill from the author!

I completely agree. EOS is about to set the bar VERY HIGH!

EOS to the moon!!!

Thanks for the information about EOS. Although many claim to be ethereum-killers I think EOS is the only project that actually has the potential to do it.

EOS is a great project indeed... Thanks a lot Katie for letting us catch a glimpse at the full potential of the technology behind. Do you have further informations concerning the token registration ?

I actually have an article coming up that will touch on that. Look out for it 🤗

Will do thanks !

EOS is on my radar, I've been keeping a close eye in it for a couple months. The project seems promising and the growth has been exceptional.

This is a very exciting project and a seemingly great article! I will have to reas this properly after I have had SOME SLEEP :S :S :S x

yes, go EOS! Love the real-world thought experiment scenarios as well as this line: "Our planet’s most creative, artistic, and passionate souls could survive by their talents, without pesky middle men taking most of the profit."

Count me in!

I joined Steemit today to follow EOS. This is a very well done article, thanks for posting it.

Very nice and informational post.
EOS is a project that can really bring blockchain technology to people who usually built conventional apps, showing them a (very comfortable) way to build a decentralized application.

EOS FTW. I am totally looking forward to what EOS will achieve. So much potential and the people behind it is just so mindblowingly forward thinking!!

Totally agree! We such a great community that is growing daily and so many talented and great heart people in the community. Love it!

Buying EOS is my best investment to date. Love vision and the team behind it.

I am all in on EOS

Higher vision and history of delivery via steem. Very cool!

Very informative and fantastic post

How does EOS compare to Cardano?

Will one platform have to win or is there enough space for multiple platforms?

I like the way Cardano is designed to allow multiple block chains to work with each other. Is this possible in EOS?

Whenever you are looking for success, the best measure is track record. Based on the current number of transactions today, STEEM is ranked #1 and BTS is ranked #3. Both with a utilization of less than 1% of the total capacity. Dan L. built these two platforms, so what do you think EOS would do, knowing what he knows now. The technology of EOS is not vaporware, it's built on established platform that is already succeeding. My bet is on Dan and EOS!

Am hearing EOS for the first time, am a newbie and an learning new things everyday. Am so glad i joined this group. Thanks for sharing

Sounds like EOS got a solid rating on the Weiss Report (whatever that means lol!)

I like the folowing...
"A libertarian, he is not driven by accolades or riches, but rather philosophy. He envisions a new world order in which power and control lies far and wide, with community and cooperation taking center stage"

Make sure you own EOS. Still in ICO stage!

Love this article! Definitely upvoting and following!

thank you for posting

decentralized applications #eos

Thanks for sharing!

good !!

Bitcoin introduced proof-of-work and essentially proof-of-concept. But you known what we have with EOS based on the history? Proof-of-Larimer.

Exciting write, can't wait for the launch in June!

This is a well informed, easy to read post from an excited EOS supporter that boils it down in simple terms with passion and enthusiasm. Nice work! Look forward to the next one. :)

at current circulating supply of 625,545,754 EOS , just to reach Ethereum market cap , the EOS price would have to be aprox $162. we are at $14.63 right now. Buckle up.

Awesome summary! Thanks!
The real revolution with EOS (and as it´s already the case with STEEM), is that it´s a blockchain that people can really use. I wrote about it in this article yesterday.

I don't trust EOS because it doesn't work yet and is another shitty ICO based ethereum token

Doesn't work yet? The testnet is live right now. They are purposely not rushing it to production so the bugs can be worked out, you know, the way a true application / framework should be built.

That would be like me rushing to throw together some code and push it straight to production without testing...

These guys are doing it right, cant wait to get more involved.

Not sure if you got this..

Katie, your article inspired me to edit some footage of Dan speaking about EOS. Hope you enjoy!


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