EOS Telegram Summary - Dan's 100+ Message Q&A Part II

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Since the release of Dawn 4.0 on Friday May 4, Dan spent significant time in Telegram answering questions for excited EOS fans.

In EOS general chat, some bad RAM moves:

RAM purpose:

Bought and sold:

Renting out tokens for income:

Fractional reserve RAM:

Comparing EOS to...:

Community forks:

Alternate chains:

Side chains and RAM:

Dapp spread:

Side chain use example:

Choosing chains:

RAM options:

Node numbers vs quality:

Security without consensus:

Dan could also be found in EOSIO Gov, where he defined taxation:

Later in the day, Dan shared his work:

Getting 15% to unlock a chain:

How Dan expects the chain to reach 150mil launch consensus:

Decay or unlock:

Dan shared his thoughts about one person one vote:

Upgrading EOS:

And of course, Dan spent a little time in EOS Price channel, to share:

To spread a little love and freedom:

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Nice work, as always, gentleman. Onward towards liberty!

Dan is the Man!

I really appreciate what you're doing to make this world a better place :)

Thanks a lot for discussion about crypto currency update information and this time I gain knowledge from your post..
Thank you very much for showing your post..

Thx again for the great update.. I am looking for team members to enter together with ADSactly in the EOS hackaton.

Thanks I always like learning from the source and Dan is a good as it get!