EOS Telegram Summary - Dan's 100+ Message Q&A Part 1

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EOS general chat hit 50k users today, about 3 months and 24 days after passing 20k users. The EOS general chat was created in June 2017, which means it took about seven months to gain the first 20k users. Go EOS!

Dan surpassed himself with another huge Q&A, hanging out much of the day with happy token holders. He started off with RAM fees paying for block producer costs:

Inconsistencies pointed out:

Toys and diapers (in response to Vitalik having more experience, because Eth is older than EOS):

Spoken from experience:

Back to RAM:

Debate settled:

Troll battle:

Mining explained:

No wallet confirmed:

The old:

CLEOS clarified:

Unregistered help:

More on CLEOS:

Dan celebrated an infographic by KOREOS:

Token exchange:

Scam warning:

EOSIO 1.0:

SEC and EOS:

RAM talk picked up where it left off:

Further explained:

RAM purpose:

Lowering RAM prices:

Sybil addressed:

Network ownership:

More RAM for all:

Economics and RAM:

On whales taking over EOS:

Learning from the past:

RAM final understanding:

Another token gaining value:

Possibilities of UBI (Universal Basic Income - posts by Dan):

Stay tuned... part 2 of Dan's largest Q&A to date will come tomorrow, with the rest of the Telegram Summary.


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I really love catching up on these Telegram threads @eosgo. Thank you for posting them so consistently.

Thank you for the support @kommienezuspadt - we love EOS and Dan tends to blow minds every other message in Telegram. Everyone should know what's happening with this project and how it will impact our world. Go EOS!

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