EOS Telegram Summary 1/28/18 - Dan and Vitalik; Single vs. Multi Threaded

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Thomas Cox of block.one clarified EOS launch details:

Sam Kazemian of Everipedia dropped by to talk IQ airdrop:

Everipedia is also building general purpose tools:

Dan shared links to his tweets (1st and 2nd), which are cut off in Telegram. Snapshots from Twitter below this:

Full Twitter interaction between Vitalik and Dan:

Igor congratulated the EOS.IO team on their hard work:

Dan came back to discuss TPS:

Single threaded vs. multi:

On lost love:

Back to business:

About other crypto:

Clearing the EOS vs. EOS.IO name questions:

Later, EOS pics were shared from New York City:

Block.one CEO Brendan Blumer quickly weighed in:

Over in EOS Developers, nsjames and Cesar Rodriguez have been working together to integrate Scatter with the new EOS block explorer (video of sneak peek below):

Unlisted YouTube link, to maintain privacy here:

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Thank you for sharing this educative post

Thanks for sharing this post am interested I will definitely fine my role in the community forum

Hi @rachel31 - you can also learn more about getting started here.

I'm interested. How can i join? @eosgo

Hey @zicodee - head over here to learn more and get started: What is EOS Go?

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@VitalikButerin I agree with vitalik, a fixed fee is best: 0, direct fee for use is antiquated, creates taxable eve… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

VitalikButerin Vitalik Buterin tweeted @ 27 Jan 2018 - 23:49 UTC

Things we learned in 2017: in the full-blocks equilibrium, transaction fee prices are even more volatile than crypt… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

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Ok. It is definitely 1999 all over again! #crypto #bubble https://t.co/N3gP86yuyh

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Why would EOS mind that someone paid to have the EOS logo advertised at Madison Square Garden. Free publicity!

thanks for collecting these sparse usefull info. I appreciate

Good exchange between the two.