EOS Telegram Summary 1/1/18 - New Year's Hangover

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EOS general chat was in a hangover today - not surprising after the party with Dan the last two days (part 1 and part 2).

Much of EOS general reverted back to the usual token registration questions. One user enjoyed a popular EOS token YouTube video:

Dan stopped by once to deliver this:

Community developer Michael Yeates responded to a decentralized eBay idea for EOS:

Mr. Hobbes provided a thorough response about the EOS ICO and why U.S. citizens aren't allowed to participate:

Cody asked about block.one "recycling" Eth to pump EOS price - a negative claim alleging block.one could sell Eth from a previous distribution round to buy EOS during the current round, raising the EOS token price. User devon offered an interesting response:

Cody asked the same question back on October 15, 2017 and Dan himself responded:

Back to today:

Scott T helped a newcomer learn by posting the EOS introduction video from May 2017:

Over in EOS Developers the topic of EOSIO Storage came up:

Bart of block.one was summoned:

Michael Yeates then revealed the project he hinted at in EOS general:

Bart mentioned when developers can expect to test token delegation:

Finally, EOS BlockPros discussed large companies becoming interested in EOS block producing:

And Ian Grigg of block.one helped clarify for BPs what could be possible in the EOSIO constitution:

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