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EOS suddenly reached the 15% of votes to fully activate - our community blockchain is now live and ready for production!

We're proud to be part of this historic event and wanted to give a quick look into the party here at EOS Go.

See the original post from shortly after the launch - https://steemit.com/eos/@eosgo/eos-mainnet-is-live-go-eos

Let's celebrate the future of decentralization and work towards a better world together.


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This is fantastic news.

GO EOS!!!!!!!!!

You guys did an amazing job of keeping people informed! Hope you enjoyed that beer!!!

Go EOSGo and Go EOS!!!

Thank you @Bitspace - cheers in Norway!

Great ! (The link in the post is broken unfortunately.. too much beer :P )

Fixed. Thanks for the heads up, might be time for another!

On the first day of launch, already we are talking about whales. Just wait for the whale complaining to happen on EOS like on steem. XD

We're going to need you guys more than ever now. It was already getting hard to keep track of what's new on EOS. It's going to be even more difficult now that the mainnet is live. These are exciting times.

Do you know if Eos is going to bots like Steemit? Will there be Eos power, and upvotes?

haha this is cool kevin !

Any new videos? update?

Good work everyone!