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Today we are thrilled to announce the EOS mainnet has reached 150 million tokens voted, fully unlocking all features on the blockchain. EOS is live and ready for production!

We'd like to thank EVERY token holder, block producer, dapp developer, EOS community enthusiast, block.one, and everyone else for this historic day.

Track the vote and find your block producer rankings here: http://dev.cryptolions.io/mainnet/

Finally we may all look forward to the promises of blockchain delivered. Here's to everyone securing their life, liberty, and property!



Great! :=)

Congrats! But a couple days back just 6% had voted - how comes you reached 15% already today?

This is awesome news for the whole crypto space!

Yesss..Go go eos...

The revolution has started.

It's TRUE!!! My EOS Voter app by Greymass shows

169,560,542 EOS Staked Globally (16.96%)

This is GREAT NEWS!!! Last I checked, I think it was yesterday, we were at 9%. I'm Happy to see that EOS is Now LIVE!!! :)

Wow, i have been waiting for this


i am euphoric 😎🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Congratulations! #EOS

Congratulations everyone. Here we go.

Fantastic, congrats everyone!

Time to celebrate! Great job everyone!

Finally steem has some competition, maybe this is what steem needs to get going.

That's absolutely amazing!!
Hope you celebrate a big party tonight....
Thank you all!!!

the delegates makes it a no go for me. although have fun...

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