eosDAC accelerates progress on DAC Toolkit, partners with Object Computing

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Following on from the double successes of being voting in as a Block Producer and the move (and independent validation) of the eosDAC token to the EOS Mainnet, the eosDAC launch team is rapidly moving ahead with the work on it's foundational DAC Toolkit. This is essential work to allow eosDAC, and other DACs, to function effectively on the EOS chain and fulfill the promise of the powerful eosio software.

eosDAC developers have already provided a new token contract with built in membership functionality along with airdrop tools. The main focus points for the eosDAC development team are now the implementation of controls on funds, and contracts, alongside smart contracts and a user interface for membership and custodian elections. Due to the considerable funds that may be handled by DACs, the eosDAC launch team are putting in place measures to ensure that eosDACs tools are coded to the highest standards and extensively reviewed.

With this in mind, the eosDAC launch team is very pleased to announce that it has engaged Object Computing ( http://www.objectcomputing.com ) to accelerate it's progress on the DAC Toolkit. Object Computing is well known to the EOS community and has completed considerable work on the EOS Core codebase. Included in the scope of the work are reviews of existing contracts along with design and development consulting on multisig security needs and custodian elections.

This will complement the existing teams skills and will enable the eosDAC to deliver the initial components of the DAC toolkit more rapidly. The current roadmap for minimal viable functionality for aspects of the DAC Toolkit is planned as follows.

  • Custodian Elections - July 2018 - Followed by handover to the custodians.
  • Account/Fund Management - Q3 2018
  • Worker Proposal Submission - Q3 2018
  • Worker Proposal Management, Voting and Tracking - Q3 2018
  • Proposal Verification and Payments - Q3 2018
  • Profit Pool Management - Q4 2018
  • Disputes Management - Q4 2018

The functionality, and code will continue to be refined to meet the needs of DACs and eosDAC will continue to endeavour to bring value to EOS ecosystem through block production and development of useful tools and services.

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