RAM Speculation: It's Not For Us

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Long-Term Opportunity...

In the EOS ecosystem, financial opportunities are growing each day. Developers are discovering the EOS world and are seeking the help of Block Producers to make their ideas a reality. Those applications will lay the foundation for the expansion of the EOS Blockchain out into the rest of the world. This is a long-term opportunity for our whole community.

...Is Better Then Short-Term Gain.

Some Block Producers have bought RAM for speculative purposes. This might be a way to gain a bit more wealth. At the same time it is short-sighted, as that approach makes it more difficult financially for Developers to join the EOS Community. Especially developers who come up short in the area of financial resources. There will be some amazing ideas that will come from folks who do not have very much money or who come from countries that might be considered poor.

Outside of the Blockchain world there are some great examples where folks with very little money have created some amazing things because they had a great idea, some determination and were given a chance. Take a look back at Steve Jobs. His initial investment in Apple mostly came from the $1,500, which he got from selling his VW bus; Steve Wozniak threw in the $250 he made from selling his prized programmable calculator. A more recent example comes from 24 year old Kenyan, Anthony Mutua. Anthony invented Shoes that recharge batteries. The energy created by the movements of the body can recharge your mobile phone.

An Idea -- Determination -- Opportunity.

If we only look to our own short-term gains, we miss out, the EOS community will miss out and the world will miss out.

We at eos sw/eden will never use our BP rewards to buy and speculate on RAM. Our desire is to attract all types of developers to build applications on EOS and make the world a better place. We encourage our fellow Block Producers to do the same.

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We at @eostribe agree 100% and have only allocated what is necessary, while having appropriate hardware to scale. This is an unpredictable market and business, but people gaming the system for their own economic gain is not in the best interests of ecosystem.

Well, BPs can keep the RAM price low, if they only wish...

I just am glad to support EOS with my full upvote on this post so i can go down in history showing that I hopefully chose the right oath and can say I was involved with this blockchain which I believe will become the biggest most expensive multi hundred trillion dollar blockchain on earth.

Thanks, @eostribe... you are doing the right thing. I would encourage you to take part in the ongoing discussion at the EOS Go Telegram channel.

At EOS UK we totally agree Eric and are not speculating with RAM Trading.

(haven't we all got enough to do anyway?! I barely have time to think about buying EOS let alone EOS RAM Trading!)

Not wishing to be cynical but trying to suggest people don't horde RAM is probably as futile as suggesting whales and exchanges don't try and manipulate the BP rankings, but I support your initiative, good work.


PS Please may I hijack the traffic coming to your page for promotion of the "vote30, vote the bottom50" initiative!

We're performing an experiment to see if normal token holders can actually have ANY influence over the BP rankings at all, please see the video from yesterday below for more details (I have linked to the relevant section directly so you don't have to watch the start about the coffee emergency, not unless you want to !)


We have been in a heated discussion on "EOS Go" Telegram all day. Good article eos.sw-eden. I totally agree. Got some time to read some good dialog? We want answers! Would love some input from you and others...

Please name BPs who speculate with RAM

I appreciate your question. This will be discussed in an upcoming BP meeting and at that time (hopefully) an agreement will be reached and it will no longer be an issue. In the meantime I'll wait to respond until then. I will say there have been at least one post by a BP candidate that discussed how they are speculating in RAM. In addition, a couple of other BP's have also discussed the value of RAM speculation on Telegram.

Hey seanxa, do you know what is the time of next bp meeting? Thank you!

Hello jonnyhsy it is today(Thurs 28th June) at 13:00 UTC and ought to be live streamed on this Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvBCE-DChcYkEaXunwwov6g

13:00 UTC

So many speculation.
For now, I think we should consider the threshold to prepare for increasing the capacity of RAM as the reserved rate is over 60%.

Please build the community a tool (monitor) that would allow us to see which BPs are speculating in RAM, if A BP acquires RAM to make sure there is supply that they could delegate to Dapp developers that they are incubating that would in my opinion be an acceptable reason for them to be purchasing it.

Fantastic idea.

Great article, great communication.

Thank you!

Very interesting information good job friend greetings

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