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RE: RAM Speculation: It's Not For Us

in #eos3 years ago (edited)

At EOS UK we totally agree Eric and are not speculating with RAM Trading.

(haven't we all got enough to do anyway?! I barely have time to think about buying EOS let alone EOS RAM Trading!)

Not wishing to be cynical but trying to suggest people don't horde RAM is probably as futile as suggesting whales and exchanges don't try and manipulate the BP rankings, but I support your initiative, good work.


PS Please may I hijack the traffic coming to your page for promotion of the "vote30, vote the bottom50" initiative!

We're performing an experiment to see if normal token holders can actually have ANY influence over the BP rankings at all, please see the video from yesterday below for more details (I have linked to the relevant section directly so you don't have to watch the start about the coffee emergency, not unless you want to !)


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