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At EOS Detroit, we keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the EOS ecosystem. In an effort to keep the community up to speed on the latest breaking news and updates, we produce The Weekly Airdrop, an EOS focused research report.

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EOS Detroit Team Update

Team Retreat: Our founding team of nine members just concluded a 4 day retreat in La Porte, Indiana. We took this opportunity to dive deep into the core vision for EOS Detroit and further articulate our strategy for bringing this vision to life, at home in Detroit, and through the kind of innovation which will extend to the whole world.

We shared a lot of laughs, many rounds of tea, home cooked meals, and late night round table sessions where we reaffirmed our commitment to the core values that brought us together as a team. We came away with renewed energy and a more cohesive team. We’re looking forward to the road ahead, and we are most definitely in this for the long haul.



EOS Detroit’s bp.json is #OnTheChain: BP's can now publish their own important information on chain using the "producerjson" smart contract, creating a verifiable history and also providing a single consistent place for validators to discover reliable up to date information. At time of writing, only ten block producers have published their bp.json on chain using this smart contract, which was built by @greymass.

Glass: @cypherglass just launched their new Glass tool which is designed to help block producers provide transparency to the EOS community. Check out Glass here.

Block Producer Calls: EOS Detroit has started a regularly broadcasted live stream for the weekly block producer calls. We will continue to livestream these calls on our Youtube channel.


$1.6 Million Worth of EOS Frozen: Based on the ECAF Order of Emergency Protection from July 19th, the claimant sent around $1.6 million worth of EOS (~200,000 tokens) under allegedly false pretenses. The purpose of freezing the accounts involved is simply to secure the tokens and begin an independent investigation. The memo attached to the transfer show the funds were to be used for an “EOS project deposit.” The case will be reviewed by ECAF and if evidence of wrongdoing is found, the tokens in question will be returned to the victim.

Block Producers Voting on RAM Proposal: BP’s are currently voting on a solution that will gradually increase RAM available on EOS from the current 64GB limit up to 1kb per block. Out of the 21 active block producers, 15 votes are necessary for the proposal to be implemented.

What ECAF Has Learned: EOS Core Arbitration Forum is an organization that reviews cases that are in need of dispute resolution. If your EOS ever get compromised in any way, you as a token holder have the capability of filing a claim requesting arbitration. They review the case and submit any recommendations for action to block producers. ECAF is currently the only arbitration forum in existence within the EOS community. Many millions of US dollars worth of theft has been prevented due to the additional layer of security that the design of the EOSIO software provides. Read their update.


Price of EOS: $8.63

Market Cap: $7,734,639,382

Price of RAM: 0.22121033 EOS per KiB

Note: The numbers above are accurate as of 01:30 pm EST on 07/26/2018.


EOSIO 1.1.1 Update: The release of EOSIO 1.1.1 provides critical security updates previously disclosed to existing EOSIO-based blockchain custodians as well as non-critical security updates. All nodes are recommended to upgrade.

EOSIO.Contracts: The design of the EOSIO blockchain calls for a number of smart contracts that are run at a privileged permission level in order to support functions such as block producer registration and voting, token staking for CPU and network bandwidth, RAM purchasing, multi-sig, etc. These smart contracts are referred to as the system, token, msig and sudo contracts. Block.One has added a new repository which contains examples of these privileged contracts that are useful when deploying, managing, and/or using an EOSIO blockchain.

Apple Hardware Wallets: Block.One released a new release, EOSIO 1.1.0, with numerous upgrades and changes. Any user who owns a recent Apple computer (and also later iPhones) can now secure their EOSIO accounts with hardware-based keys via the Secure Enclave, while maintaining the same level of security as a Ledger or Trezor. EOS Cafe Calgary launched a new block explorer, Bloks which claims to be the fastest EOS block explorer.

Testnet Support Added to EOSToolkit: @genereos has added a new feature to their EOSToolkit which allows smart contracts to be tested in a safe testnet environment.

An Innovation in the Coding Marketplace: Codum is a community-driven code marketplace that is built on EOSIO for all programming languages and for the entire software industry. It is a project management workspace that integrates coding, smart contracts and licensing, and accounting and finance. Git source code repositories have a public metadata option that allows for the repositories to be discovered, while hashed file checksums secure the licensed content without publicly exposing the code itself. “Knife” nodes screen all incoming hashes and compares them to detect license violations.

Build Your Career On EOS: To see a list of current projects in the EOS community, check out EOS Index. There is also a Jobs platform where you can view apply for various types of available jobs. If you have experience as a ReactJS front end developer and want to get involved with a high profile project in the EOS community, the team at the Chintai token leasing project is accepting applications. MVP release is expected in August.


Preferred Wallet: EOS-Voter.

How to Vote: Tutorial.

Proxying Your Vote: Link.

Vote With Our Proxy: detroitproxy

Featured Airdrop of the Week

Airdrops are additional tokens that are distributed to EOS token holders. New projects can bootstrap a user base for their DApp while avoiding the complexity of selling tokens via the traditional ICO method. Projects then withhold founder tokens that can provide a runway for the development team. The free market then decides the fair market value of airdropped tokens for themselves.


Karma is aiming to incentivize beneficial and positive human interactions by creating a platform in which users can post about good deeds that they have done. Content creators will then earn real money (KARMA tokens) based on how many upvotes/likes they receive from the content validators. Karma’s MVP release is scheduled for Q3 2018. KARMA tokens were distributed at a 9:1 ratio to EOS token holders through an airdrop that was based on the June 2 snapshot. You can check your airdrops on EOS Web by searching your EOS account name. The Karma project was founded by Dallas Rushing who has proven himself to be a valuable member of the EOS community through his informative Youtube channel. Thanks for the great videos Dallas, very helpful!

Karma’s Advisors:

Nathan James - Scatter
Michael Yeates - eosDAC
Syed Jafri - @eoscafecalgary
@lukestokes - eosDAC

For more information about airdrops, we encourage you to visit AirdropsForEOS.

Upcoming Events

Rebel Detroit:


EOS Detroit is a new blockchain company with the mission to co-create blockchain solutions to empower communities in Detroit. Join EOS Detroit for an exploration into alternative economies developed by residents of Detroit. We will also discuss how blockchain technology can be an effective tool in supporting such initiatives.

New Economies, New Futures, New Power
July 31st
7pm EST
Norwest Gallery
19556 Grand River Ave, Detroit

Panelists: Bryce Detroit, C2BE, Halima Cassells, Mindful B. Anthony, Conscious Community Think Tank (C3); host, Ingrid LaFleur, Chief Community Officer of EOS Detroit.

Other Events

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At EOS Detroit, we keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the EOS eecsystem. In an effort to keep the community up to speed on the latest breaking news and updates, we produce The Weekly Airdrop, an EOS focused research report.

If you didn’t read The Weekly Airdrop last week, you can find it here.

You can also Subscribe to The Weekly Airdrop to receive them directly by email.

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