Overview of the EOS Ecosystem - EOS Detroit / Det Blockchainers Talk

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Slides from talk available here

EOS.IO is a blockchain-based distributed network with an emphasis on usability, performance, and governance set to be launched in June 2018. It is actively being developed by Block.One on GitHub, with an public testnet underway to provide ample time for distributed application developers to dig in and start building. It is the latest iteration in the evolution of the DPoS-Graphene blockchain architecture, which is used by some of the most active blockchains today, such as Steem and Bitshares. Talk given by @robrigo (Rob Konsdorf), founder of EOS Detroit.

In this talk, you will learn about:

  • Brief intro on blockchain technology
  • A brief history of EOS
  • Key differentiators of the EOS ecosystem (comparison to existing tech)
  • Unique Capabilities of EOS (net new features)
  • Distributed apps that are under development
  • How you can get involved

    Viewers of all experience levels in “blockchain” knowledge are welcomed!

    EOS Detroit live stream is at DLive
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Guys, here is Vincent from EOS Nation, concerning the first question, about what does block.one does with the Ethereum they receive, they sell 2/3 and invest in BTC and fiat. Brendan Blumer talks about it in the EOS shanghai meetup video

Thank you Vincent for the details! Super good to know.

It works!

great job Robrigo!

EOS 💪 💪 💪 superior specs + fair distribution !!! 😻

hey yall

I just posted a proposal for a blockchain app that allows neighborhoods to allocate municipal bonds in the form of crypto to each resident in the community, who then create and vote on proposals for neighborhood improvement projects (the winning proposal would then use the crypto to execute the project, sort of like GoFundMe). I would love your input and feedback since I have no idea what I am doing but I believe blockchain will be the future of community building.


and EOS Angels project by @OfficialFuzzy will bring a decentralized VC process to fund DApps (community based funding), as opposed to block.one's centralized (traditional corporate decision process)

got the audio fixed - the input got use the studio mics :)

Many projects will be porting over to EOS where they can actually run effectively and free

Well the flagging and down voting has become a "cluster" on Steemit as we all know, the distribution of 'stake' is all wrong.

🍿 Hello to all the other 16 viewers!

..and Openledger - holds as OPEN.EOS

If there are no transaction fees on EOS blockchain then what is EOS token going to be used for? Can't you just run smartcontract on EOS blockchain without owning any EOS tokens?

Will answer on a future slide

Awesome! :)

We will be posting the slides when the video is done as well, just FYI for everyone

Awesome! Thank you for that. Also, please post a link in the #eos-meetup channel in EOSTalk discord.

We will be posting the slides when the video is done as well, just FYI for everyone

Let us know if you have questions and we will shout them out to Rob when we can or at the end.

Will you be detailing claiming your EOS in the slides or the value of being registered ahead of the issuance?

looking good guys!

sup ppl

got the audio fixed

Can everyone hear okay?

if something is missing, let me know, its still work under progress so feel free to give me comments on it. Im on the facebook group EOS Nation!

Thank you vincent - Cheers!

you guys think CIVIC will be the identity platform behind EOS? Vinny from CIVIC looks very good friend of Brock Pierce

np! Thx for the great presentation eos.detroit!

Everidedia and EOSfinex will make the world see the potential of EOS. Everipedia will be a encyclopedia protocol. There will be everypedia website but you will also be able to start your own encyclopedia web site just like steem has Steemit.org, busy.org, etc. That is sick

Some great information in here brother! Thank you @eos.detroit

Nice, good luck on your candidature for BP! Its alot of work i can assure you ;) If you want to share knowledge/info and anything, plz feel free to contact us. We are EOS Nation BP. EOSN.io

On EOS, block producers wont be able to pay for votes like other DPOS blockchain. They will add that rule in the BP constitution

you will be able to give back profits to the whole EOS distribution but not directly to voters. They talked about it in the Telegram channe i think

Cardano/NEO and others have 15 sec block time so they cant compete with EOS that has 0.5 block time and no transaction fees. 0.5 sec block time = instant transaction so it will be the only one able to create internet 3.0 with website that wont lag.

Also Cardano big advantage is Haskel coding and eventually, Haskel coding will be able to compile to WebAssembly. Cardano hasnt even started implementing smart contracts so they are far behind. Cardano and other blockchains are also more centralized in the sense that they havent done a one year distribution so wealth/power is more centralized

eos detroit big ups

got the audio fixed - the input got use the studio mics :)

The constitution will be proposed to token holders and it will be changed/voted continuously until token holder come to an agreement. Thomax Cox just released a medium post talking about it.

the sound just started acting weird on live stream btw

is it just me?

Good Job EOS.Detroit. good presentation. Come join us on EOS Nation Facebook group. We would love to have a chat with all of you!

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Que genial me encanta

Awesome lecture. Thanks.

here is a GITHUB repo, with info on token registration and it contrains ALL EOS Videos, ENJOY!