Roadmap & vote buying

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As the EOS launch comes closer, more information is available, it becomes easier for BP's to take positions and look towards the future. Hereby we present our values, our high level roadmap and our position towards vote buying.

Our high level roadmap

Education & Orientation
Announce Candidacy
Launch (cloud) server on Jungle Testnet for testing purposes

Redesign infrastructure
Start hosting from Amsterdam
Launch on mainnet EOS (3rd June)
Evaluate launch / troubleshoot
Upscale infrastructure proactively
Spreading EOS awareness locally
Start with quarterly financial reports

Q3 and beyond
Continuous evaluation and optimization
Excess revenue sponsors EOS-related events
Educating community and spreading the EOS awareness locally

EOS - NL Positions on Community Topics

We value

We have no shareholders or partners with conflicting interests and we specifically don’t collude with other BPs.

We explain what we do, who we work with and where we earn our money.

We take the right path and abide by the rules, not least the EOS constitution

We are responsible and provide quality

EOS-NL's position on specific topics

Vote buying

EOS - NL abides in general by the rules laid out in the EOS Constitution which explicitly prohibits the buying of votes.

Dividends and Community Support

EOS - NL’s primary commitment is to scale it’s block producing capacity ahead of demand. Secondly, to guard financial independence, the founders earn fair returns for the investments they made. EOS - NL seeks to remain self-funded. The balancing amount will be used to support the community. At least once a year transparency on EOS-NL’s spending will be provided by means of an external auditing report.


We will share our financials, our shareholders and hardware specs. We disclose which chains we are allocating our capacity towards. We will share our audit documents and welcome audits from the community.


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