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RE: EOS.IO Development Update

in #eos4 years ago

... if they rebuild steemoneos ... airdrop to eos holders ... it will take advantage of eos distribution ... a lot less whales... votes will be worth more and minnows will now have a higher stake.


I mean, why wouldn't Steem just migrate to Eos? It already has Graphene infrastructure. It makes no sense to build another coin when Steem is already ahead and can be converted faster than a new one can be built..


STEEM doesn't come with any EOS with which to board. And STEEM dollars won't be compatible with EOS dollars.

Eos isn't even out yet so idk what that means... It's built on the same infrastructure. I'm not sure I understand what that second part means either.. Why wouldn't you be able to trade steem dollars for Eos dollars on an Eos Dapp? Seems perfectly possible to me. Have you read the whitepapers and know something I don't?

Yeah, that could be possible advantages, but actually I'm really curious about @dan's perspective on this.

Very interesting perspective, I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen.

GREAT answer!!! Thank you, namaste :)

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