Glass, A tool to protect the EOS network

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Back in May Cypherglass announced that we would be releasing Glass, a tool to provide transparency for the EOS community, enabling its members to see exact details and positions of Block Producers.

Glass was initiated as a response to article 15 of the Block Producer Agreement We still hold the same position, there should be no collusion between Block Producers, and accordingly we are releasing Glass a tool designed to provide the transparency that the EOS community deserves. Glass isn’t just a response to one article in the Block Producer Agreement though. Even phase one, which we are releasing today, will provide users with a huge amount of information. The phases of Glass are detailed in an article we posted last month.

The best thing about Glass is it’s super easy to use interface. The average user can immediately click through to sort and learn about specific Block Producers with just a few mouse clicks. Even for sophisticated EOS gurus, that are willing to use command line tools to dig into various sites and .json files, Glass provides quicker, better way to get the information. We could go through a detailed walkthrough of Glass with tons of text and screenshots, but we are so confident in the intuitive interface that we’d rather just give you a link so you can go play around yourself… Click here to explore Glass now!

The Glass code is on our GitHub repository here Please feel free to leave upgrade suggestions, log bugs, or use the code yourself. Thank you for your continued support EOS Community, please reach out with feedback, comments or support questions.


CypherGlass producing some of the BEST useful tools for EOS users. Thank you!



Now we can do our job so much more efficiently. Thank you thank you thank you so much cypherglass. Your team is adding so much actual value, it's astounding. The eoswatchdogs are watching and you guys are shining like the SUN!

No wonder you're our most popular BP candidate!


Thank you for your support and hard work with the #EOS community!

Great initiative! Could you elaborate on how you collect the data? E.g. I've seen on one there is a code of conduct entry, on another there is a ownership statement. Then eosny is located on the cook island, whereas eosdac is in UK, what is the consideration there?

Head to the Github! We've used the provided .json files from Block Producers.

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Great Job, Guys!

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