UPDATE: Glass, A tool to protect the EOS Network from Corruption and Collusion

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Last month we announced our first Open-Source Software project: Glass. Developed by the Cypherglass team, Glass will enable all EOS Block Producers to publicly disclose and manage their ownership interests via a dApp on the EOS blockchain. We look forward to releasing our fully Open Source version of Glass later this year to ensure the EOS network stays free from corruption and centralization. We've developed the following action plan to update the community on our progress.

Phase 1

  1. Basic UI complete
  2. Auto-generated info included
    * List of all block producers pulled from the block chain.
    * Everything from BP_Info.json file will be pulled in. This information is not voluntary and cannot be edited by anyone (BP or Cypherglass) it is pulled from the .json file daily. If wrong this can help the BPs correct their .json files.
    • BP name
    • Producer account name
    • Producer public key
    • Website
    • Code of conduct
    • Email
    • Branding
    • Location
    • Social links
    • Node Locations
    • API and P2P endpoints

Phase II

  1. BP voluntary fields included. (Ours would be filled out completely prior to release)
    * These fields all require a Single Sign-on that is authenticated through the blockchain and therefore cannot be wrong. Only the BP with the correct key can edit these fields.
    • Ownership structure
      * BP self written description of business structure
      * Number of employees
      * Individual interest holders
      * Business entity shareholders
      * Affiliated entities
    • Infrastructure
      * Physical
      * Primary site
      * Secondary site
    • Shared
    • Public Cloud
    • Infra diagram
    • DDoS protection
    • Firewalls
    • Load balancers
    • EOS Nodes
      * Proxy servers
      * Full Nodes
      * Public full nodes
      * Block Producer nodes
      * VPN Y/N
      * Future plans

Phase III

  1. Additional voluntary and involuntary info
    • Income
      * Involuntary
      * Last amount of EOS collected/24hr period
      * Current EOS account balance
      * Address where EOS tokens are transferred to
      * Voluntary
      * Total amount of EOS/cash available
      * Total donated back to community
      * BP infra
      * Dev efforts
      * Community efforts
      * Education
    • Performance
      * Involuntary
      * Missed blocks in X period of time
      * Total downtime
      * Total number of blocks produced
      * Average position in BP list
      * Average vote count
      * Voluntary
      * Outages
      * Stress testing
      * Patch management
      * DR capability
      * Intrusion testing
    • Support structure
      * Number of technical employees
      * 24/7 support
      * Monitoring tools
    • Communication plan with other BPs

Phase IV

  1. Final feature additions
    • Cypherglass Glass BP Ranking
      * 0 - 100 score based on data provided and BP best practices
      * Amount of data included
      * Infrastructure score
      * % ownership score
      * Public endpoints
      * Giving back to the community
  • Community Features
    * Community verification of info
    * Users can verify info provided by BP’s and confirm accuracy, signed by their EOS account.
    Are X,Y and Z items correct?
    * Twitter account
    * FB
    * Location

  • Voluntary announcement of account ownership
    * Allows users to publicly state their ownership of an EOS account and share information about themselves.
    * Verified by blockchain signature
    * A whois for EOS accounts
    * EG… A company is running a contest and they can verify that they sent their winners EOS from their own public account
    * Block producers could voluntarily provide a public key that they used to donate money to EOS education, documentation, support code, etc.

If you, the EOS Community, including fellow Block Producers, have any suggestions or features you would like to see in Glass, please comment below or reach out to one one of our social media platforms listed here

We at Cypherglass believe wholeheartedly in the EOS network and community. We intend to continue to build and maintain Glass to be a transparent look into EOS Block Producers, and enable the EOS community to evaluate them using as many facts as possible. Please consider this a tool for our community and help us by providing your input.


The Cypherglass Team



This is the sort of transparency we need in the EOS network, you have my support.

Excellent! Great idea. it's these types of software innovations that EOS is built for ...

My full support for your project @cypherglass !

This will surely get rid of the many whale-backed "paper tigers" that have pop-out of nowhere at this initial stage.

This looks great! I believe that it is very important for the EOS main chain to set a strong standard in this regard.

A system such as this will allow more transparency into the space which is desperately needed.. Those that oppose it should be looked upon as potentially having ulterior motives. I think it is also important to make BPs aware of their expectation to invest in their own hardware long term.

Hopefully some of this gets baked into the constitution as well.

I'm glad to see this kind of project moving forward.

How do you anticipate this project dealing with vote-buying airdrop BPs like eosDAC and Meet.One?