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RE: EOS - So you are missing the explanation for the frozen acocunts? Read this!

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great choice of topic @conceptskip. this is indeed a little heated up issue.

it seem that EOS is struggling with several problems one after the other. and probably most investors do not even understand some of those problems (I seem to belong to this group).

upvoted. And thx buddy for resteeming my latest post. Hope you can also find some time and participate :)



The thing is, the mainnet just launched, the whole system is only being built up, and there are many piece of the puzzle that need to fit together. Moreover BlockOne who created the tech, have now stepped into the background and the community needs to decide, that's likely the main source of the controversy, because different stakeholder want to steer the project in different directions, as long as its not settled.

Hi @conceptskip-

Im very sorry for such a delay with my replies but currently Ive been overwhelmed with amount of work that has been related to my latest contest. I never expected to receive such an amazing support.

Thank you for your valuable explanation mate.

Enjoy your weekend :)


Ah yes, you are welcome! I always find your posts very inspiring and i hope to add my view on it too.