Who are your Top 21 EOS BP Really?

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EOS Block Producers Ownership Disclosure

by @controllinghand a member of the EOS BP Compliance data/research team
As of 7/17/2018
Update 7/19/2018 Staying Positive Focus on the best

It's been a fun ride watching the EOS community launch. One of the most important aspects of the EOS launch is selecting the top 21 Block Producers. There are many factors to consider when selecting a Block Producer that can be found here: https://github.com/controllinghand/minbpcreq/blob/master/MinimumBPCRequirements.md

But, for today we are going to focus in on Ownership Disclosures.

I will be recognizing the best of the best.
*Those BPs that include an ownership disclosure with some verbiage around the list of all ultimate beneficial owners names or business associations including all direct shareholders. And includes percentage break downs with ownership greater than 10%

Excellent Rating

EOS New York : Link to Disclosure

EOS Authority: Link to Disclosure

Sw/eden: Link to Disclosure

EOS Amsterdam: Link to Disclosure

eosDAC: Link to Disclosure Note that the constitution spells out in details

EOS Cafe Calgary: Link to Disclosure

EOSfishrocks: Link to Disclosure


  • 7 Excellent BPs should be commended out of the Top 21.

Let's be fair

I understand that not all BPs know that the EOS community wants this information. And I also understand that there are some language barriers. If you are a BP and you want me to correct this information, please feel free to reach out to me and I would be more than happy to correct.

Skeptical Truth Seeker

My Profile captured on the EOS Blockchain
validated here
thanks to EOSTitan

Special thanks to AlohaEOS who I used to collect this data


You did it again, controlling hand, great work!

Good eye watchdog. Keep up the good work. A weekly check up is exactly what the @eoswatchdogs needs. Let's hope these BP'S are listening and fall into compliance here. Time should heal the entire health of the eos network, but things go a lot faster now that we're always watching. An absolute necessary service we're doing here. Thank you kind soul.

Thanks fellow watchdog.

Great work for steemit friend thanx for update

glad to help. I'll be creating more reports soon. I just need the data

Great work! You are doing amazing work for the community. Keep it up.

Thanks. I think it's a great community. We just need to keep the lines of communication open and we will have the best environment ever seen.

Hello controllinghand this is awesome, if you have the time and you did the same for the next BPs in the list (like down to about 68 where EOS UK is!) that would be very interesting too because I bet there are some good and excellent rated BPs in that part of the ranking too who are not being recognised. Thanks for this anyway, it's very illuminating.

Time permitting I might get to that.

We'd love a tool that tracks this information from BP's so everyone can see it at a glance.

Do we have information on BP performance yet? Meeting minimum hardware, blocks produced/missed, down-time, update preparedness, etc.

Fuzzy still has an open bounty for a reporting/tracking tool.

I've been pinging cryptolions as I thought they had something but since the BP nodes are mostly hidden it's hard to get performance number. I'm still digging though.

Thanks for creating this, and all you do in eos watchdogs telegram too :)

One network UNITED

Interesting post thanks. I was sure I had seen an Eos Canada disclosure about ownership but perhaps I was mistaken. Were you unable to find one?

Yeah I rated them as good but not Excellent. here is what they have. https://www.eoscanada.com/#backers

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