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RE: The EOS Alliance launches!

in #eos5 years ago

This is excellent news, and it seems there has been building a lot behind the scences whereas it felt pretty quiet publically. A lot of initiatives are dearly needed for the EOS community, especially as regards structurinng governance and glad to hear, that in the near future the board is going to be elected. The working groups how will the operate? Will there be known who is participating and what s going on?


There's a lot in flux at the moment - alliance is in the process of just bootstrapping a handful of WGs. I don't think there is any clear direction or sense of how any group will operate. Maybe each will be different.

They should be transparent. Inclusive. Beyond that, the future is much more interesting than the past.

Thx, with eos, things seem to be always in flux, I remember one commentator calling it the Taoist nature of eos ;)

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