Initial EOS Testing and Results

in #eos4 years ago

It has been an interesting and complicated few days but I managed to successfully launch and test eosd, eosc, and eos-wallet-wip. I even forked my own branch to change a logo and make a correction. My best advice would be to create a VM with a cloud company and manually build dependancies.


Tested the import private key function and it was a relief when that worked. Last thing I would want is to try to move my funds after genesis and the private key not import. I am curious how exchanges are going to deal with this as we get closer to genesis. Feel like the scramble will exist regardless of preparation.


The web wallet even with its basic functionality looks great.


Syncing the public testnet goes pretty quickly, I have yet to figure out how to check my balance however.


Let me know if you have any questions or input, thanks!



It all looks pretty good to me based on how far along it is, and I've been reading up on EOS and am pretty impressed, but what are your impressions so far?

I was all in a while ago.

Looks great, Cody! Keep us updated as you learn more!

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