How to: Create Your Own Custom Chestahedron EOS Cold Storage Cryptoragami Paper Wallet

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Hello all,

There has been a lot of confusion and issues with registering your EOS tokens on the Ethereum blockchain for the June snapshot. Lets not be modest here, the situation is extremely complicated even for complicated individuals. If you think this process is easy, start developing on EOS right away, you have a gift. But for others including all my friends and family that would like to be part of the EOS genesis block, I wanted a simple artistic way to provide them with access.


There are some great online resources for key creation and registration, linked here is a really good one from @sandwhich. This tutorial assumes you have both your public and private EOS keys. The first step is to turn those keys into qr images, the public on the outside and private on the inside. I used Ubuntu to make these and used a program called QTQR. The program is very self explanatory, you just select text and paste each code.

At this step if you would like to view the value of the tokens and ERC-20 balance when scanned just use the link setting and copy paste the link below but with the registered ethereum address."your registered ethereum address"

I have created the two templates below to go from but you can learn more about the Chestahedron here if you wanted to be more creative. There will be a little bit of trial and error getting everything to line up, I personally use an open source photo editing software called GIMP.



Once you have the qr codes and text added just print side a, insert it back into your printer and print side be on the other side of it. Orientation will depend on your printer, mine was just facing side up with the top at the top. Cut along the outside lines then fold the hashed lines.


I place a piece of scotch tape on each flap and then simply put the chestahedron together.


The private key is nicely tucked away inside on the bottom, after launch this can be imported into whichever interface you decide on.



I will say the finished product will fit in nicely with whatever crystal grids you have available nearby! 😁

As a disclaimer this is not the most super secure way to store your funds and would suggest this process to make gifts with small amounts only.



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