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EOS mapping

in eos •  7 months ago

Ok, with the EOS launch date coming up at the beginning of June 2018, you need to make sure that your EOS tokens which are on the Ethereum network are mapped to the new EOS network.

You should complete this before the end of May to make sure you have it done on time.
Otherwise your tokens will become WORTHLESS when the EOS network becomes live.

The easiest way to achieve the mapping is by moving your EOS tokens to the Binance exchange.
Binance will do the mapping for you.

However, be aware that there is always a risk of having your tokens on a third party exchange rather than holding your own private keys.

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While holding your cryptocurrency on an exchange does carry certain risks, I feel that it is one of the better options for those who are less technically adept. For crypto to go mainstream, we need to have robust and user friendly trusted third parties like exchanges that can take care of these things for the average user. Bitfinex is another exchange that has committed to providing EOS token swap support. In fact, these guys are really into EOS and have invested in a few projects related to it including a decentralized exchange built on EOS and seeking to become an official EOS block producer and more. Here's the relevant announcement for the token swap: http://blog.bitfinex.com/announcements/eos-mainnet-token-swap/


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