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RE: What could a blockchain Constitution look like?

in #eos4 years ago

This was well done! I wish every contract was this clear and easy to understand. Most contracts are dilled with jargen to throw people off. Who really reads a whole contract anyway? Not many people. I sold cars for a short period of time and nobody read the contract. If this short and easy to read less people would get into bad deals.


Well, I do read agreements, generally, before I accede to them. You never sold me a car.

I think that the agreements we make are ALL government, and that creating such a Constitution as this has the potential to make agreements far less unpalatable. Government, in actuality, is nothing more than an agreement. It is not a building. It is not money, or arms, or votes, although all these things can be used for government.


Maintaining property rights by ensuring reversibility by bad actors/honest mistakes, is your sticking point? How do you solve issues without an agreement? I fail to see how you can accomplish what he is attempting without doing what he is doing. I believe he is as fluid and precise as he can be with his movements. Utopia will not be built by stifling the voices of the wronged.

Hi @tom74. I fail to see that this reply to my comment references my comment. Perhaps it was meant for a different comment?