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RE: Coindesk Libels Dan Larimer

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@dantheman -- could you please explain the root of this beef with Tone Vays? I always found it interesting how much of a hard-on he has for anything you do. I remember his tweet storm highlighting the Steem WP and typing his """"objective""" analysis of the concept.

Was there even an interaction that sparked it? Or did he just lock on to you for funzies?


If you follow him you'll see that he shits on anything that isn't Bitcoin. He wasn't around in the Bitcoin early days and definitely came way after Bitcoin Jesus.

What is he to gain with that attitude if he was not around the early days of Bitcoin?

I think some people are hard wired to be argumentative. In some circles this combative temperament gives a person popularity on the Internet. If that happens to give someone a rep that allows them to get invited to conferences and paid to speak, I can see why the environment is reinforcing his behavior.

I used to be a Bitcoin maximalist while I was at bitcoin mag, but I soon realized that it is unlikely that the bitcoin dev are the only good programmers out there. I also realized that taking a maximalist attitude makes any crypto community more likely to be just like the establishment they are rebelling against. If our community + money is the way of the future and reflects our ethos, we should - in word and deed - also reflect our ethos. In my opinion the ethos here is a collaborative environment, good sense of humor, and willingness to learn and try new things.

Well said man. Rolling stone, no moss and all that...

oh I noticed. he and DeRose are peas in a pod. all the combined intellectual integrity of a pair of CNN reporters

What is even funnier is what your comment reveals about CNN. To think we would come to a time in history where mainstream media are recognized to be liars.

brave new world xD

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