EOS governance

in eos •  6 months ago

In the last days the EOS community and also the whole crypto community began to see what it means when governance is put into the basic layer of a blockchain. We saw the first order to freeze accounts by the ECAF (EOS Core Arbitration Forum). Remember: These account freezes were initiated by the owners of the accounts because they realized that something went wrong with their registration or a bad actor got control over their keys.
Subsequently we saw all kinds of different people calling out EOS for their "censorship". But actually everything worked as intended. It was the plan all along to stop hackers from getting away with their crimes. EOS brings a new paradigm and every new paradigm brings resistance to it. The new paradigm wins when many people feel better using the new paradigm vs. the old paradigm which is the "code is law" paradigm.

I think what would really help with these issues and the whole discussion about it would be a forum that is endorsed by all the blockproducers where everyone can see what arbitration cases happened. We also need a place where everyone can see what changes have been made to eos and what changes can be made (worker proposals) and where we can vote on these cases. Token holders are the legislative in this system, we need good support to fulfill our duties.
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