Bitfinex Block Producer Disclosure

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The focus of Bitfinex as an EOS Block Producer is on pioneering open-source development of EOSIO technology, sharing openly with other projects in the space to facilitate a stable ecosystem of support, collaboration and innovation. The entirety of our development efforts go towards ensuring the security, scalability and adoption of the EOS ecosystem.


Transparency of operations is key to how we approach the EOS Block Producer role. This will be achieved through open communication channels, frequent community updates, open-sourced development and community collaboration. We aim to take to heart the underlying values of EOS by making transparency a fundamental component of our role in the development of the ecosystem.


Our efforts will be spent sharing and experimenting with block producers, research communities and developers to ensure success and longevity for EOS. Bitfinex will collaborate freely and contribute energy, financial and technical resources to projects whose vision aligns with that of the greater community. Our established development teams coupled with self-funded backing allows us to innovate freely, with less constraints and more creativity.

Open Source Development

Our development efforts are open-sourced in an effort to contribute as much value to EOS as possible. Our work will be free for the community to critique, give feedback on and adopt to ensure collective success.


Bitfinex will take dedicated strides to fund, nurture and advise teams whose vision aligns with that of the greater EOS community. Our primary goal will be to to share from our legal and technical experience accrued from years of pushing the boundaries of the digital asset space.


Bitfinex decided from an early point not to hide its intention to be part of the Block Producer group and has always put itself on trial standing in front to the EOS community to address concerns and provide assistance wherever possible.

Whilst the Senior Team is publicly known, Bitfinex will not share its full Company structure with the only purpose of protecting the privacy and safety of its investors.

As one of the top cryptocurrency exchange platforms, Bitfinex’s operational scale can be bigger than that of a typical Block Producer. In line with this, the Block Producer side of the Company should not affect the entire structure, integrity and principles of Bitfinex.

The choice to use the main Bitfinex Holding to handle Block Producer operations has been a way to make sure that all the values that Bitfinex have been recognised and trusted for are enforced in every single aspect of the Company’s EOS contribution.

Bitfinex believes that, in our industry, privacy is one of the most important (and often underrated) rights, and something which has to be defended to protect the safety of the individuals and their families from a variety of attacks, both physical and digital.

Bitfinex does not own any share in any other BP and no other BP owns shares of Bitfinex.

Whichever decision the EOS community takes in respect to Bitfinex’s ability to remain a Block Producer, Bitfinex will continue to allow its users to vote for other Block Producers (with the transparent and verifiable process outlined here) and will maintain its efforts to collaborate within the community whilst dedicating resources to developing and open-sourcing amazing projects like EOSFinex.

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I would like to see total transparency from the BPs as like politicians I want to know who they represent. There is alot of mystery in some of the top BPs and I dont think this is good for the trust needed in the network. That said, thank you for the post.

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