EOS fanart images

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Here are some EOS images with and without frames.














Happy Steeming


stunning images. love the color combinations, love the designs, definitely makes EOS standout.

Thank you very much for the lovely feedback! It is very much appreciated.

Very well done and professional feel. I'll toss you a follow.


Very nice! And the part two also! :)

Amazing images, the first three are quite stunning and haunting.
Thanks for sharing.
You have a starring and "heroic" role in this latest epic.

Suggest EOS to regularly update their logo with one of the images like these.. it will be great fun..

Thanks, I think the core brand is superb and it is great fun to play with it!

Nice work, thanks for sharing 100% upvoted @chanthasam

It's my pleasure, thank you for your support!

Lovely all of them... Esp the first one, n d one with galaxy in d background... Cuss that is how envision EOs... A new galaxy in some parallel universe

I love the romanticism that EOS has inspired in many of us! Thank you very much.

amazing work!!! love it

Very happy, thank you.

Cool photo for Eos..
I like it, cool!!!

Beautiful images for a beautiful piece of technology... Almost that time....

Thank you very much.....like you, I can't wait for the tech to get out there.

we are collecting donations to these homeless people if anybody wants to help you can send donations to here @hatemmkh

The seconv variant is the best, in my opinion )

I really like that one too! Thanks very much.

Hi, brother @benjojo , how are you? Hope you are okay, you and all your parents
I've seen a vote for you on my page so it's a great honor to get this vote

Great set - thanks for sharing - resteemed.

Hey man!
Been hoping to see u around but haven't heard from u. I gave u a shout out in my first couple posts since I have been back from being in a third world country for months on end!

Hiya bud, it's good to have you back. I've read some of your latest posts! Passionate and interesting as always. I hope you make Steemfest2, you'll have a blast no doubt and will enrich the event i'm sure. I try to make contact where I can...just so busy. Honestly. It is absolute bedlam! :) But then with what you guys seem to get done, I feel like I don't have a leg to stand on and just need to work harder!

hahahahahhaahhahaha its true we GET SO MUCH DONE!
What is "bedlam?" is that like being lazy? u seem like a pretty capable person who is not lazy but maybe in comparison to us.....hahahaha great to connect with you again! Hope to see you around and know I am always here if u need anything~*~

Lol, bedlam is like.....manic, crazy, uproar, non-stop, pandemonium :) I would say i'm definitely not lazy, but I do have lazy bones! As in, give me the chance to sit around doing sweet F.A. (Fanny Adams or Fuk All....means nothing) for a week or two and i'd bite your hand off!!

Ahhhhh I see......I bet I can help u with that if you want that is......
Love you either way!

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