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RE: Reponse to Vitalik's Written Remarks

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Please don't be mad at me, but I want to add my Vitalik Buterin sketch, because he is a legend :-)

Love this post!

Vitalik sketch

If you wanna upvote my sketch, an art-student, me, appreciates it and says THANK YOU!


Make a sketch for Daniel Larimer and it will pay out better than Vitaliks. Do you wanna bet?

Nice idea - D. Larimer is definitley also one of the cryptoworlds heros :-)

Post the schetch here on steemit and if your post gets less than $100 I will eat my balls before McAfee will

That would be a great start - I saved some money but still need around 60K to study in Florence in Italy :-D quite a lot, but I will work for it. I worked to long in jobs which depressed me. Time to live my dream. Thanks for the support guys - it's a moral boost; motivating! <3

@liondani haha ABSOLUTELY!

And thanks for the upvote - I aprreciate it!

Lol, only in ETH we trust? No, we don't. In forward thinking technology that addresses issues we trust. EOS is solving so many critical issues it's ridiculous. Fanboyism gets you one place, and that's behind the curve.

You are right and thanks for the feedback. Made me research better :-) however I just wanna draw and paint actually. I am no cryptoexpert. I just know cryptos helped me to pay some of my tuition fees and I hope to get more chances, because I also saved money with a job where I worked with drug addicted people and i cannot do something like this anymore....

Cool, glad you're keeping an open mind and doing some research of your own! Stay inquisitive!

How old is he in this sketch? He looks like 70 year

Aehm really? Actually I tried to capture an recent image. I am still learning :-D