SFEOS Founder Token Opportunity

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I (@chadrickm) am personally sponsoring the first contest for concept art for the SFEOS game. The prize pool is 38 SBD total. I am able and willing to sponsor the entire amount. I want to also allow others the opportunity to to get involved.

SFEOSFOUNDER tokens are issuable by me, and I am and will continue valuing them at 1 USD each. At the time of this writing, the prize pool is worth around 142.50 USDs. If anyone would like to help sponsor this first contest, I will currently issue 4 SFEOSFOUNDER tokens per SBD you are willing to help sponsor. The price of SBD will fluctuate between now and when the contest is over or when the 38 SBD value is completely sponsored (whichever comes first). If the price of SBD goes up or down significantly, I will keep the number of SFEOSFOUNDER tokens in line with the current price. I will not be issuing more than 38 SBD worth of founder tokens for this opportunity.

SFEOSFOUNDER (bitshare user issued asset): Initial Founder Tokens that may one day be worth resources in the SFEOS game, as well as give influence in the game's DAC (Distributed Autonomous Community). These tokens may be given out for volunteer work and support to folks who help with the game. Owning this token does not guarantee any future value. For more information see http://www.sfeos.io

Please comment below and/or join the SFEOS Discord (https://discord.gg/f4U942j) and direct message me (sfeos-chadrick) for details on how we would like to do the exchange. Thanks for your continued interest and support.


Chadrick Mahaffey

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It's great post.hope people will benefited on this.keep it up.waiting for your next post.go ahead.

ehhh interesting