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EOS Forums is an excellent value proposition at the top of EOS ecosystem, while it is in beta phase as of now, I will take you through the steps to get started with EOS Forums(eostalk.io).

EOS Forums launched about a week back is coming up with some really cool concepts to create the synergy with EOS, Bitshares and Whaleshares. Which the advantages of eos forums was explained in my last post , I would like to help you get started with EOS Forums through this post.

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An overview of EOS and the announcement of launch of EOS Forums explained in simple language

How do I sign in to eostalk.io??

Signing in to eostalk.io is pretty simple and straight forward. By signing in to EOS Talk one may create the content and it gets posted on Steemit.com , busy.org , steemdb.com, phist.steemdata.com.

Steps to be followed while signing in :

EOS Forums doesn't need a separate account creation, one may login using the posting key of steemit account they handle. While it is a pretty simple procedure, having your Posting Key hands helps. Here is where you get posting key.

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Once you login to steemit.com, go to your wallet . In this image you can see the field pointed by red arrow , once you click this option the actual posting key appears in the section covered by black ink. Otherwise that section will be populated with an encrypted string of characters. Only after you click Show Private Key, you can get the posting key.

  • Now that your posting key is available to you, click on the sign in option at the top right corner of eostalk.io. You get a warning to be careful with sharing your private keys as this is still in Beta Testing Phase. Once you go through the warning click Proceed

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  • Now Login Dialogue box appears where you sign in by entering your steemit user name and Private posting key as shown below

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  • Once you login, forum is now open to you to start posting your content.

Getting started with eostalk 5.JPG

It is a very simply, yet a very powerful tool to make yourself visible in this EOS and Steemit block chain . You may refer to my previous POST to learn more about what EOS is and I will be posting about creating a post through EOS Forums and its advantages in my next post.

I am happy to announce the launch of Voice of Steemit project, it will be a community project of Whaleshares and eostalk.io. You may find the project execution details here

Voice of Steemit - Suicide Awareness Campaign - Project Execution Plan and Details. A Whaleshares and EOSForum Token Project

I write about adventure Travel, Suicide awareness drive and EOS Forums, if you find this useful and exciting do not forget to follow me at @rideofpassion

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@rideofpassion this is a good post indeed and I also checked out EOS. Can someone register and start posting via EOS? and is there any upvote rewards if I use the platform to post and comment? following you now in order to stay in touch.


@charles1 : Thank you, EOStalk you mean? You may login to eostalk.io by using your steemit user name and posting key, the posting key can be obtained from steemit wallet the steps to which has been explained above.

Yes getting your content noticed on eostalk is much easier and we are coming up with eosbits to curate quality content very soon, I will post the updates as and when we start implementing....

eostalk is a forum and posting here can give u added advantages and it anyways gets posted on steemit.com and other platforms.

Do go through my post on introducing eos forum for better understanding of advantages

An overview of EOS and the announcement of launch of EOS Forums explained in simple language - eostalk.io


Good point. I will certainly like to join when you start implementation like what date? thanks.

I started a debate via my blog post about :Why Steem debit card will be great for all , pls see it and join the debate . Will it be a good , ok or bad idea?

So if I understand correctly, this site is running on Steemit but is basically offering another layout and front end, solely tied to EOS related topics? Is anything posted on this forum also visible in Steemit 1:1 (but then in the Steemit format)?


@wekkel - Its more kind of a place where you can take part actively in the community building process, yes by posting here you post simultaneously on Steemit.com, busy.org, chainBB....You may post any topic through EOS forums, infact we want people from all interests to join and create this synergy...

I try to do as explained here for several days and I'm not able to do it.
I don't know if is because I'm making a mistake or just because there is some error... any thoughts about it