💡 EOSTalk LIVE ~ Submit Questions for Everipedia's Larry Sanger [WIN BeyondBit & EOSBit]

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EOSTalk LIVE! Special Guest Interview

This Tuesday, February 6 we will have Larry Sanger, CIO of Everipedia joining us on EOSTalk LIVE! to discuss the future of decentralized information and his visions to create a verified, censorship-proof platform utilizing smart contracts to record the documentation and editing workflow on a blockchain using EOS.IO.

For those who don't already know, Larry has been a critic of the Wikipedia platform he helped to create and later joined the team to create Everipedia to help bring the next generation encyclopedia to the world. Everipedia will reward contributors with a its own IQ token and set new standards help ensure the accuracy of the data added to the knowledge base.


💬 Here's YOUR Chance to Submit Questions for Larry

We want to know your thoughts and questions about Everipedia, how the move to blockchain will benefit the accuracy of contributed data, why they chose EOS.IO, or anything else that may be on your mind regarding Everipedia. We are looking for thought-provoking, conversation-starting questions.


Simply Submit your question(s) below in the comments below.
Include your Bitshares/OL name with your question(s).


You question(s) must be submitted by Tuesday, February 6 at 5PM EST
(3 Hours before we go live.)

🏅 Contributor Rewards

If your question(s) is chosen to be asked during the live interview you will be rewarded with:
5 BeyondBits and 5 EOSBits

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  • As an investor, why should I invest in your project? What's in it for me?
  • Since you guys are holding massive airdrops, how are you planing to fund the project?
  • When should we expect an airdrop and what's the ratio (1:1)?
  • Blockchain is immutable and that means whatever information we enter is stored for as long as Blockchain (or internet) exist. How would you ensure that the information entered is correct or verified? And are there moderators that regulate the same? If so, isn't it a form of censorship? How would you counter this argument.

Bitshares a/c: ghayas1


ghayas your question was chosen! :)


Wooah awesome... No wonder I noticed some cool Tokens in my wallet :):):) Too bad I missed the show, though was in after party.

Thanks fuzzy! You the man :)


Some interesting questions that come into my mind:

  • Why did u favor the eos blockchain over others to build ur smart contracts for everipedia?
  • What were the most technical challenges to make ur platform work on the blockchain?

Thanks J
bts: jjb777

Question: How are you going to verify that what is posted on Everipedia is factual?

💬 Here is an exchange on Telegram by Larry regarding the content editor's risk/reward concept to help ensure accurate content is submitted.


Ooh, I'll be happy to answer the question how we will ensure that accurate content is submitted. However, that isn't the question I was answering in the highlighted bit.

  • How did you get the idea of having monetized version of Wikipedia?When did you realize wikipedia was just not enough?

  • I have learned that everipedia holds all rights to the contets/contributions made on it unlike wikipedia which uses creative common attributions, Wouldn't this discourage to the contributors since they have to give away their valuable contents to others?

  • I have always found it hard to preserve my edits/contribution on wikipedia which is one of the frustrating part of wikipedia, can I consider everipedia a safer options since it is going on blockchain?

  • And why are you choosing EOS platform out of many? How did you EOS as a perfect protocol for everipedia?

BTS- ask.sba2

Here are my questions

Everipedia is a fantastic platform but Wikipedia has more editors on it. If Wikipedia moves to blockchain do you think Everipedia will be able to compete based on the number of editors?

Contributors pay some token to submit their entries. In the process a contributor whose entry is considered not good enough may lose his token.

Don't you think this practice will discourage new users?

Lastly, how do you intend to structure Everipedia's escrow service? Will it be run by an accredited escrow or be handled by Everipedia?

BTS: jot-max

Why did they banned several dozen of Vandals banned from the Everipedia and how does the detection of Vandals on the site works?

Bitshares name: desmond-41

  1. Why do we need more currencies when one would have been enough for all purpose ?

My question: How is the economic rewarding mechanism designed for knowledge contributors? Is there any rewards for questioners as a verification reward? My bitshares wallet: coinwww001

Why did you choose to bring Everipedia to the EOS platform over other platforms?

BTS: chiefmappster-paul

Much love and respect for getting some an awesome guest for the show o weeee


such a great question I already am asking it ...lol


Hahahahahahaha just making sure it gets asked :))

What is your main purpose and goal for your everpedia token?

How might the platform ensure diverse perspectives on controversial topics is offered, given the smaller segment of the current crypto community may not represent the global world perspective on these topics ?


It has been stated that you will use the "main EOS blockchain", but I haven't seen any information about how you will identify which of possible multiple chains that you will decide to be the main chain.

When do you think the snapshot announcement will be made, and what types of technical challenges are you guys running into when creating the IQ air drop process?

BTS: flntwn


I believe they answer this question in the faq:

Hope this helps :)


I did read through it. Was wondering if they could go into the technical hurdles, or perhaps just change my question to whether or not an EOS public key need be registered, or if EOS tokens are sufficient.

Like will they snapshot all ETH addresses looking for EOS or snapshot a much smaller list of ETH addresses that have EOS public keys?

What advice would you give someone new to crypto and wants to get into eos?

bitshares name: crystalpacheco30

question: who's Larry Sanger?


Well that question is already answered in this post.


Yes, I see now. Critic of Wikipedia.

Very good sir..

is it EOSBit or EOSBITS on Bitshares.org its showing in my account as EOSBIT without the s ? Just wanted to be sure thank you


EOSBIT is the token, the 's' is used in the text as the plural for more than 1 of them.

What is the opinion of the criptomoedas in general,
Will your values continue to grow?
will they replace all the transactions that are now made with other means of payment?
Will a cryptocurrency put aside the investment that is made in gold today?

Thank you very much for this....

My question is...
How valid would this be or how sustainable is it going to be in the long term...

Thank you..